12:35pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Friday's guests

By Terry From Boynton
Imogen is so awesome that it was actually her that united the kingdom.

By Maryland Pete
Skunk - If musical genius were a turkey, I`d tie his legs up and stuff him.

And coming back here could destroy his career, it's Governor Mike Huckabee.

And, he's been a repulsive baker and a repulsive metallurgist, but I just knew he could make the career transition...he's my repulsive sidekick, Bill..
By dustrider
Welcome to Red Eye -- I'm Greg Gutfeld, in for Clete vandenHuvel, who will be back on Monday as Clarissa vandelHuvel once the gender reassignment surgery is completed.

...and he's seldom profane but politically insane, it's our New York Times correspondent; good to see you, Pinch.
By tintinismybelgian
Evil cut-ins. >:(
By DarkUrthe
Gov Huckabee, he knows governing a state, like I know high insurance rates, my houseboys are "accident" prone

Skunk Baxter, if knowledge of asymmetrical warfare were a landfill I would bury my junk in him. Probably on the weekend, with a neighbor.

Imogen Lloyd Webber she is so hot, you can;t yell her name in a crowded theater.
By valleysam
Bill Schulz - Foursquare has just made him mayor of the dumpster in Bryant Park.

Gregalogue - It's a Whopper of wisdom, in a Burger King of cluelessness.

Gov Mike Huckabee - He knows politics like I know turning tricks.

Imogen Lloyd-Webber - She's so cute, that Strawberry Shortcake sleeps in Imogen Lloyd-Webber pajamas.

By marcd9195
Imogen Lloyd Webber....cuter than a stampede of My Little Ponies crushing the entire Smurf village.

He's the mustached dean of the rock n' roll scene: Skunk Baxter. Skunk's mustache is so awesome nuns recant their vows to Jesus so they can worship Skunk's mustache instead.

He's still waiting for his first facial hair, my repulsive sidekick Bill Shulz
By Orangeblood
Skunk Baxter...if musical talent were black eye peas, he'd get canned. I keep a couple of them in my pantry next to the garbanzo beans.
By PizzicatoFive
The Gregalogue. It's Ben Gay of brilliance on an aching backside of banality.
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