4:44am on Thursday the 20th of February
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By MightyJC
Diane: so sizzling she can cook sausages in her hands.

Bill: Public toilets find him unusable.

S.E.: if sexy were a basketball, I'd slam dunk her in the backcourt.

He's a liberal rag who disparages the flag, it's our NYT correspondent Pinch.

Greg-alogue: a whiff of wisdom in an outhouse of obscurity.
By Go Navy
-Red Eye: I`m Greg in for Chaz Dexter, who still has visible bruising.

-S.E. Cupp: She so hot that she has to be dowsed with water and sand to avoid a meltdown.

-Bill: He has so many forms of hepatitis that they`ve run out of letters.
By Go Navy
-Moynihan: If insightful commentary were a steam room, old men would drop their towels before entering him.

-Gregalogue: It`s a double scoop of sanity in a freezer of frivolousness.

-How much pressure does it take to choke Bill into unconsciousness; Diane Macedo demonstrates after the break.
By PizzicatoFive
Reason #3434 why Red Eye rules: Last week's mentions of Amoeba Records.

What do you get when you mix E.B. White and D.L. Hughley? S.E. Cupp explains to us after the break.

now playing: Luscious Jackson

coming up later: Sun City Girl, Off! and Amon Duul II
By PizzicatoFive
Aargh--Sun City Girls, not Girl.
By Maryland Pete
I`m Greg Gutfeld, filling in for Mike Huckabee, who is following Torche on the southern leg of their spring tour.

Fun fact: as Bill recently learned, "macedo" is Spanish for "Mace".

SE - She's more popular than the "1000-item or less" line at Costco.

Libya's anti-aircraft terrier?

By PizzicatoFive
Bienvenidos a Red Eye--soy Greg Gutfeld. Tengo nalgas de acero.
By valleysam
Bill Schulz - Ever Mohamar Gaddafi laughs at the way he dresses himself.

Diane Macedo - She's so cute, that Barbie has a Diane Macedo Dream House.

S.E. Cupp - You can't spell sensuous without S.E.

Gregalogue - It's a wine cellar of wisdom, in a chateau of stupidity.
By Dr. Phat Tony
S. E. Cupp if political insight were a videogame, adolescent boys would get blisters on their thumbs from completing her.
By DarkUrthe
Diane Macedo, so hot that hot tamales are now called hot diane macedos... long winded and not worth it

S.E. Cupp, so sharp that children are not allowed to run with her

Michael Moynihan, if intellect were a door ding, I would bang him with a mallet.
By DarkUrthe
His liberal scree causes level headed to flee... good to see you again pinch-o

I'm GG in for Vlad Wannamaker who discovered the hard way that shock collars work. Get better Vlad.

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