12:28pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Terry From Boynton
Remi is so gorgeous that the Miss Universe Pagent is now called the Remi Spencer Pagent.
By Walter Boek
Remi Spencer -- She's so alluring that foxes do the Remi Trot.
By marcd9195
She's always defending how criminally hot she is: Remi Spencer

Even Remi can't defend him anymore: my repulsive sidekick Bill Schulz
By DarkUrthe
Remi Spencer, so cute that Hello Kitty calls her Hello Remi

Anthony Cumia, he knows the air waves like I know Katrina and the Waves. I am walking on Sunshine people.

Karl Zahn, if comedic genius were a NCAA tournament bracket millions of dudes would do him at work
By Maryland Pete
I`m Greg Gutfeld, sitting in for Tank Powers, who threw away the best thing in his life for some pretty *girl*. She`ll never understand you, Tank!

Karl Zahn - He knows New Hampshire like I know new Pampers - I put on a fresh pair before every show.

Pinch - All his reporters are Schumer supporters.
By misterlevittown
The late Robert Urich wanted to play her but.....wait a second he did: Remi Spencer, for Hire. Yes, I know it's rather lame but her beauty isn't so take your houseboys and buzz off!!
By underdog
Wow. Bill all but put his Obama shirt on.
By PizzicatoFive
Remi's been spicing up lately in the wardrobe dept. Friday's dress was her best yet.

Maybe she wears outfits like that while making koobideh...Mmmm, kooo-bi-dehhhhh....
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