12:30pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DPunch
Arizona is lucky. I wish cancer would call and boycott me.
By goldentoadster
Homophone is the exact word. It means something that sounds the same as something else, viz. a "racist" who is something that sounds like "racist."
By azideam
It's still hard to believe that Kim Guilfoyle was married to that prick.
By Craigonomics
recently in California a feral cat with rabies ran into a womans open garage door. it latched onto her ankle with its teeth. what happens in SF when the rats and other animals have a 6-8 month period eating human waste that SF residents are using to go green??? Stay out of SF in event of quake or terror attack. the rodents will chase residents back to Ohio.
By Randsurfer
What is needed is an anti-boycott. Every Mayor, Governor, and business owner who supports Arizona should schedule every possible meeting, retreat, conference in Arizona. Arizona should be rewarded for taking the lead in this fight, not penalized. Don't let the thugs hurt Arizona. Let Arizona win through positive reinforcement. Greg, Rally the troops, and get Bill O' on board.
By Randsurfer
In fact every time a jack-ass (eg., Al Sharpton) calls for a boycott of a business or state, normal people should use that as a rallying cry to go out of their way to patronize that business or state. That way, the jack-ass in question is an active participant in defeating his own agenda. How else can we get him to shut up?
By StephVonPratt
Greg you always were an Exhibitionist!
By jackburon2010
Greg, what the hell? You never, EVER put two hot women on the show at the same time. Slotting Imogen Webber in the middle chair is just obscene, man. Never, ever do that again.
By Meatwad
I agree with jackburon2010! "never put Baby in a corner" Besides it totally defeats the concept of the leg chair! Come on man, really! Almost made me flip to the "Ed the Progressive Show" on that network that no one with more than 2 brain cells watches. If by almost you mean not even a freakin chance. Red eye rocks! yup, even Shultzy. Just don't tell him I said that.
By Balrog28
Agreed Meatwad - the only reason I stay up til 2AM is to see women like S.E.Cupp in the leg chair, not the ugly mugs of Greg and Bill spouting off like they know something, wait I didn't mean that...
By unluckypoet
Not enough women in San Francisco? Hello, Greg. The city's large gay population leaves it filled with frustrated heterosexual women who would be aching to get it on with a liberal dude like Gavin. He just picked low-hanging (forbidden) fruit.

As far as the homeless are concerned; First they'll ask you for money and then they'll ask for matching contributions to their 401k's.
By unluckypoet
Oh, Greg, one more thing...

When are you going to do a book tour? Or, better yet, take Red Eye on the road to Los Angeles for a week. Would love to meet you, Andy, and Bill.
By Dremari
When illegal immigrants start breaking into their homes, kidnapping, murdering, raping... then they may care. There are enough problems with criminals who ARE citizens of this country.
By Christine94062
Oh yeah a book tour! It'd be great to see you out here in your old stomping grounds. You did stomp, right?
By netster007x
Oh no a boycott. Arizona is done for, just like Glenn Beck.

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