12:41pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Craigonomics
Indeed, Grega-logical.
By Remman
Dems campaign slogan for 2010 "Get Whitey!"
By Meatwad
You know Greg, It's not often that your gregalogue leaves me with nothing more to add.....but as that one dude was so ever incessant on adding to every comment that he posted.... Nail meets head!!!!
By StephVonPratt
eat, pray, love alls!
By tintinismybelgian
Of course, he left out the most obvious (and most fabulous) minority group: the Gays.

But this isn't surprising, considering last Tuesday's Greg-alogue.
By josh123
The double standard makes me freaking sick.
By Smelly Toad
I thought we all agreed to call this Glog.
By DavMar
Obama doesn't have all of the black vote. He is losing more and more everyday. It's almost like we are taking a walk backwards in time with all of this racial crap. As a conservative black voter, I'm sick of it too. I wish we could all stick to the issues and make our country great again.
By josh123
I agree with DavMar. If people actually listened to what our president says, they would realize how ridiculous he is. I'm tired of being talked down to. He needs to chill out with all the elitist crap.
By salvator m
President Obama claims that windmills will produce 20% of our energy in some years! Great stuff. He also is planning on unicorn farms producing enough meat to wipe out world hunger, maybe.
By Mckenzie
As a white middle-aged man, the only thing I'm throwing out these days is my back and old Pamela Anderson videos but come election time I'm voting for the white, er I mean right.
By Randsurfer
DavMar. You have no idea how powerful you are. As a conservative AfricanAmerican, when you speak, heads all over the country will pivot. You can say the exact same things as a white conservative but you will be taken at your word. That's just the way it is. Keep on talking!
By unluckypoet
I think it's hard to argue that blacks didn't vote for Obama simply because he was black when he won 96% of the black vote in the Presidential election.

By Dremari
Question: when they talk about throwing out the "white men," isn't that racist against whites and sexist against men?

Just sayin'

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