12:12pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Craigonomics
Anyone for a round of FROLF!!!!
By Imanorangellama
Great gregalouge! If the federal government won't do anything about it then the states are forced to step in. As someone who lives in AZ, I sure as hell don't want to end up like California. If I moved to another country, I would follow the laws of becoming a citizen!
By Imanorangellama
Hey Greg, if you could do a Robot Theatre of Seth Meyers that would be fantastic. It makes me sick when he compares the AZ immigration bill to Nazis looking for Jews.
By dustrider
I'd actually like to see Robot Al Sharpton deliver his speech in support of all the illegal immigrants in Arizona. Unfortunately, I don't think Robot Al is any more likely than the real one to be caught more than 20 feet from an air-conditioner even in late April in Nogales (or any of those other Arizona cities that border Canada).
By Rhonus
Someone's gotta ask it: How did "hard-working" people let their country collapse beyond the point where "hard-working" people must abandon it because they can't fix it?

It's time to cut the torch off of Lady Liberty and put up a middle finger.
By CurlyWolf
As someone who lives in Texas..I too support what the AZ Governor has done. Oh, Obama and anyone who supports him unequivocally are retarded. that means "stupid as stumps" for those of you who can't understand big words
By Craigonomics
Anyone can do this......coe.berkeley.edu/engnews/Spring07/EN09S/index.html
By Mckenzie
ET go home.
By Meatwad
This entire debate is retarded! What's so bad about a big ol'l electrified fence, some signs and machine guns. I'm mean are we really that worried that we'll piss of mexico, that instead of doing what is necessary to keep undocumented's out we will instead trample on the rights of citizens?
By Meatwad
Well I guess so cause that's what it appears we are doing! UNDOCUMENTED'S I kinda like that! Hey I have another novel idea, why don't we round up all the latino's that might be from mexico and put them all together in one place so they're easy to keep track of....oh wait....nevermind.....

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