12:14pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By fish966
Its got to be rough one day waking up and realizing that no one ever really cared about anything you did or said. She is a spoiled child and her parents just filed bankruptcy. Time to act out!
By Rhonus
Zing! Nice ending. Ranks right up there with "The Sixth Sense." Greece definitely WILL go the way of Naomi Campbell.

So how come Bill O'Reilly said last night (or the other night; or last week; whatever) that the Right has no counter character to Jon Stewart? Next time you're on the Factor, Greg, you need to break that man's nose. (You might have to stand on a chair, but you can do it...
By Craigonomics

By DPunch
All you said is true, sir. Except Greece past the Naomi Campbell stage decades ago and never looked back. It's botoxed itself into Janice Dickinsen...bat-shit crazy.
By Bastet
I think it's unfair to judge Naomi Campbell.Celebrities are products of a screwed up world and deserve pity not persecution.I wish I had some blood diamonds.So people died, I need my bling.Anyway when you are irrelevant, maybe you can sympathize with her plight.Naomi Campbellist!

Blenders are so dangerous!
By underdog
What a lovely flower. I bet she's a tiger in the sack!
By commonsense247
Just think what a wretch Obama will be once booted from office....
By Rhonus

He's Jimmy Carter now; he'll be Jimmy Carter when he's out of office. He'll attain mainstream media sainthood.
By Rhonus
Or maybe (since it'll be legal then) he and Chris Matthews will make it official.

Chris just read that and got a thrill up his leg - WAY up!
By dustrider
Naomi also has expressed her adminration in the past for Hugo Chavez. Which I would say makes her Venezuela, but Venezuela has too many hot beauty pageant winners. So instead, it probably makes her Sean Penn, minus the rowboat and video camera (which she'd end up breaking, anyway).
By Mckenzie
This splains why Grandpa Hugh, when asked if he wanted a supermodel, said 'I'll take the soup'.
By sawbuck
"This splains why Grandpa Hugh, when asked if he wanted a supermodel, said 'I'll take the soup'."


By Shannan
I heard she throws the electronics when the vibrating functions wears out. That would make her more like... Haiti? Too soon? OK - that would make Naomi like Thailand.

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