12:27pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By dustrider
And besides, how many supporting hands would it have taken to cradle Kim Kardashian's rump? Mom probably had to life her by the scruff of the neck, too.
By Remman
The headline should have read, "Kim Kardashian's ass... and pussy".
By OtisWild
@dustrider: No idea, but I'm sure I'd like to find out.. Personally.. Then again, she probably goes for NBA folks who can palm a basketball
By sawbuck
Has PeTA ever contacted any member of the feline community and had a chat with them over the way cats treat mice, or birds, or aquarium fish?

I'm looking at you, PeTA.
By DarkUrthe
Last time I saw her... cat on the internet it was being handled considerably differently. Also the cat apparently has different grooming habits these days.
By Jonfun
Welcome to RedEye its like tacos if by tacos I mean tied up.
By underdog
I am truly horrified by this photo...of her armwear. What was she thinking?
By Mckenzie
Doesn't anybody watch Tom and Jerry anymore?
By Bastet
Most cats, even abused ones will allow themselves to be picked up by the scruff of their neck.Heavy cats do need rump support.If cats are displeased they tend to make it really clear.Kim Kardashian is welcome to do as she pleases, especially if she wears little and speaks less.PETA can go screw!I hope not the animals.If people would learn to follow instructions then they wouldn't be heckled.
By psudrozz
uh, don't look now but the dems are gunning to eliminate the filibuster.

this is the epitome of hypocracy

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