12:30pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By broliath
The real teabaggers hate Obama too! Which reminds me to ask, is using "teabag" in a derogatory way homophobic..?
By salvator m
I would love to see Olbermann open up his show by saying, "The real teabaggers heckled the president today..." and take it from there. Those gay protesters certainly look like they get violent at any minute and perhaps break out into a show tune.
By Cuneos
And meanwhile, Barry-O insists on being caught like a deer in the headlights. What a shmagoogie.
By thirsty
If you watch the video, you see anger in Obama's eyes. He really cannot take criticism. It makes me questions the level of his Emotional IQ. He should have smiled and addressed their concerns, not gotten defensive and bristled at their AUDACITY. I could almost hear him whining, "hey I am the president. You have to like me. I need you to like me. I am on your side." My mind also jumps to ...
By thirsty
Boxer's ridiculous demand that a brigadier general address her as senator, rather than ma'am, because she earned it.

By underdog
The video, how entertaining... When in doubt - YES WE CAN!
By Craigonomics
Is it any wonder that I would rather FROLF than GOLF???
By Bastet
As Queen of Crazyland I agree that unicorns and winged horses should form carnal unions.Since I never actually change policy my words are hollow.That's why I'm always getting pelted with fairy dust during my speeches.Politicians like to placate with promises instead of creating change.It's also sad that any group seeking equality can be branded extremist.

May I please bring a guest with me to your beachhouse this weekend? My girlfriend and I could use a weekend get-away.

I'll be waiting for your e-mail invitation.

By Jersey Dave
Was I the only one who noticed this cop had a bundle of zip ties big enough to hog tie a herd of steers? Seriously look at that bundle of zip ties at is waist, it's huge.

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