12:12pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
You can't blame Clinton for pulling this stunt. it is his nature. It is like asking a snake not to bite you when carrying it across a river... even if you love tofu.
By TulsaTornado
The libs are running out of excuses & people to blame, so they're now equating Tea Parties with domestic terrorism. To use the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing in such a manner is unconscionable & Mr. Clinton needs to apologize, not only to the people in OKC directly effected by the tragedy, but also to the people involved with the Tea Parties, along with the rest of America.
By Balrog28
Its called framing the debate in such a way that there is no debate - wait isn't that what Gore did?
By DarkUrthe
This is the left using the old tactic of asking "are you still having sex with german shepard dogs?" Except now it is are you conservatives still terrorists?
By fetch THE bucket
I agree with that part at the end. The race-baiting is way past being old. I've gotten to the point where I think I would punch someone in the nose if they called ME a racist without merit. But that is exactly what the left is hoping for.
By Meatwad
I wonder are people really that stupid? Are there people who truly believe these statments about racism and terror in the tea parties? And if there are should we care? Why not just create a rumor, that to cut down on green house gasses the president issued a request for everyone to hold their breath for one hour! PROBLEM SOLVED!
By broliath
Funny when people use "we" in reference to one person tasks.

"We" is a nice way to tell someone else that they need to get off their ass. It enables condescension without being condescending, and acknowledges truth without confronting contradiction. It's easier to say "we've all been guilty" instead of explaining where your convictions have been for the last 10 years.
By Harold Stickeehands
political speech gives the disenfranchised a positive outlet. Attempts to silence dissent ironically increase the likelihood of frustration boiling over into violence. The Tea Parties are functioning as a peaceful outlet for those who do not feel represented. I believe any attempt to silence them is not only unethical, but an act that creates a climate in which real violence is possible.
By Bastet
Bill Clinton is still tacky and sleazy.He has a distinguished history of exploiting tragedy for self promotion and political agenda.I always hope he will vanish into a red light district.But but like a crazed zombie he returns.If Clinton really cared about the state of the US, he would move to France and take his pantsuit-clad harpy with him.

Even Bill Clinton would taste better than tofu.
By MrSmee
Clinton's a douche
By salvator m
Libs have been losing the war of ideas forever, but now that their ideas are actually getting play and fucking things up, more people than ever realize it. So it's back to the old lib playbook, demonize and engage in personal attacks.
By salvator m
Oh and protest wasn't dangerous when democrats were encouraging people to protest Bush in general, and the war in Iraq in particular. It was healthy American discourse...
By dustrider
Clinton went on KMOX in St. Louis way back in 1994 to gripe about Rush Limbaugh and talk radio, so it's obvious that's a wound he's still picking at 16 years later (though not as badly as Obama's already obsessing over talk radio and Fox News right now).

Also, Flamboyant Greg needs to bring confetti to the show next time, and throw it around like Rip Taylor.
By Balrog28
"Even Bill Clinton would taste better than tofu." - we can only ask about two dozen or so women not named Hillary, if that's true.

I'm also worried that Name-dropper Greg, Flamboyant Greg, and Gender-confused Greg aren't getting the percocet they truly need. How can Obama help them?
By Cuneos
There is a tradition where ex-presidents are to gracefully exit the stage and find the green pasture of retirement, since there's no bigger job than POTUS. Above all, there is to be no criticism of the current POTUS. This tradation was crassly broken by Carter, a serial, petty egotist and continued by Clinton, a serial, big-time horn-dog. Stay classy, Slick Willie.

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