12:13pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
Gotham is failing at evading a honey trap.
By spaceagent
THAT was a great segment! I actually started cheering while watching it. Well done, Greg!

The first time I saw Deepak on a TV show, I chalked him up as a nut. Why do people pay thousands of dollars to this idiot? Probably the same people who go to James Arthur Ray to become "Spiritual Warriors" and find "Harmonic Wealth" by enduring a "Vision Quest" in a sweat lodge. Snake oil salesmen are ...
By spaceagent
still with us and they're thriving.

And nothing angers me more than people who constantly criticize this country while milking the system for millions. If Deepak & son don't like it here, they should move back to New Delhi and try healing some folks there.
By spaceagent
And I always laugh when I'm flipping through the channels and see Deepak on CNN. And they wonder why their ratings are in the toilet.
By RonMexico
When are you going to get Dennis Miller on the show, dammit.
By Timothy Bryce
Is it just me or do you really have to subscribe to Miller's website to hear the interview?

Kind of disappointing
By DarkUrthe
The Chopra clan is just a new breen of snake oil salesmen... but the snake oil is lavender scented.
By Haimerej
Great stuff!

I have a humble request...

Media Matters & The Ed Show are trying to smear Fox about this "jail time" thing. My brother (one of their fans... I know) sent me a video they made showing all the times Fox contributors made that claim. I had to explain that the provision was in the House version. So, since it was on the table, they're actually factual and reasonable.

I know...
By Haimerej
... this may not be the right place, but damnit I've been arguing with my brother all morning. I just figured you might like taking another shot at MM & Ed and I could further rub my brother's face in it. Win/win, right? Right!??!? Damnit!!! ANSWER MEE!!!
By gchopra
Enjoying the dialogue. Here's my response to Greg's response: www.intent.com/gothamchopra/blog/my-response-greg-gufelds-response-my-response
By broliath
"Lunch on me" in "Boyle Heights".. "demanding the ivy"..? Starting to think Gotham is Greg's Mike Huffington. I always wondered what happened to you at Berkley. At least you ran the right way, unlike Arianna.

Funny how he's been to 35 states and doesn't know what a journalist is.
By Imanorangellama
yes dammit! please get Dennis Miller on the show.
By Bastet
The Chopra clan is so articulate and worldly.Their ramblings provide me with hours of positive vibrations.Oh wait wrong tools.I wish they would tone down their awesome earthshaking mental powers.Everyone is tired volcanic ash and holistic asses.
By mhzghz
Try to get James Randi on to discuss homeopathy. He does a excellent job debunking it...
By fetch THE bucket
Fetch the bucket! I'm going to hurl! I just read Gotham's latest response. Greg, PLEASE rip him to shreds (figuratively speaking of course--that apparently needs clarifying these days). He's the worst thing in the world: an arrogant dork.
By sawbuck
"The Chopra clan is just a new breed of snake oil salesmen... but the snake oil is lavender scented."

Dark, THIS is why you will always RULE here at the DG.

(yes I AM sucking up)
By Mckenzie
Anybody that names their kid after a city on Batman needs help. Might I suggest Dr. Phil.
By Calimore
Greg, Greg, Greg...

To quote Darth Vader, "You're lack of Faith in the Force is disturbing." Surely you realize that by refuting Gotham Chopra, you are spitting in the face of all advice Holistic?
By Calimore
Just because YOU are unable to but your skepticism behind you doesn't mean that alternative healing lacks foundation. Literally millions of people have been PROVEN to have been helped by the Panacea Effect of such therapies alone.
By Calimore
Surely you wouldn't begrudge someone relief from what ails them simply because they themselves ARE the very source of their relief? Oops, forgot who I was talking to...

And if you disagree, you're just a racist homophobe unable to admit his undying love for Ricky Martin.
By MrSmee
Toronto is one of the best cities the good ole USofA has to offer. I loved visiting the Space Needle. Did you know it stands above the baseball field where the Raptors play? Too Cool
By milo Oblong
I'm of a mind to let him run a-muck in my psyche. What difference could it possibly make?

A couple of my minds want to kill and eat him.

Well, c'est la vie! Don't let your life hit you in the A$$!

hehe! C'ya!
By allans123
PT Barnum had in mind Deepak Chopra when he proffered "there's a sucker born every minute". So why not take these shallow souls' money?

While at university, getting dumb college chicks into bed required little effort once they found out one was "spiritual", "enlightened", and liberal (wearing a Che Guevara tee shirt doesn't hurt). My bet is Gotham scored big time in college with thes...

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