12:14pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
You lie! There are no corners in the pit of your apartment's basement!

Seriously though Greggers... awesome!
By Craigonomics
This is SO Grega-Logical...it perhaps exceeds Greg-Logical and is Gregly-ogical.
By DarkUrthe
Gregalogical, isn't that an example that looks at house boy's private parts?
By Craigonomics
No, that's Grega-Optical.
By valleysam
There was a Teaparty march in Woodland Hills yesterday. It was attended by about a few hundred people. As they walked by, I laughed at the main stream media's notion that these people are nothing but a mob of violent racist homophobes. These are our neighbors who care about our collective community called America.
By Craigonomics
Welcome to Red Eye - it's like a pony tail that doesn't smell.
By DarkUrthe
No more Gregalogue... it is like the end of an era.
By DarkUrthe
'No, that's Grega-Optical."

I think we can agree to agree!
By valleysam
John DeVore - If ingenious satire were a mule, I'd ride his ass until we both collapsed from exhaustion.
By Mckenzie
Everytime you gregalogue a tea party, I see Alice in Wonderland with Greg the Mad Hatter, Bill the Cheshire cat and Alice Cooper as Alice. Spike the tea and pass the Huffpo.
By dustrider
I thought Dr. Michael Baden was Greg's Coroner. But I probably need to get my glasses out of the car.
By Harold Stickeehands
Interesting.. I would have thought Greg's corner would have included gnomes selling pixie dust and unicorns turning tricks. Apparently that shall have to remain a fantasy.

One interesting side effect of the Tea Party rallies has been a vivid demonstration of the MSM's complete disconnect from reality.
By psudrozz
to paraphrase charles krauthammer:

just three years ago, it was patriotic dissent

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