12:26pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By underdog
Welcome to Redeye – It`s like Back to the Future, if by ‘Future` you mean ‘Needle`

The Gregalogue – It`s a ferret of festivity

He`s the punk to my rocker, the Betty to my Crocker, the Greg to my Focker. It`s my inept sidekick Bill Shulz. Why is he still here?

By RonMexico
Anna David - she's so hot, heat waves are now called Anna David waves, and they kill dozens of seniors every year. Terrible!

Oh look, it's Bill Schulz - scabies worry about getting Schulzies when they play in the dirt.

He has business section but his stock is headed in the wrong direction - it's our NYT correspondent Pinch.
By Brody McBrohiem
Vachon - If literary brillance were a game of bocci, old men would play with his balls in the park
By sodomyonsunday
Dana if charm were a lobster, I'd eat his tail after it's been doused in butter

By valleysam
Welcome to Redeye - It's like Kick-Ass; if by kick, you mean fat.

Anna David - She knows sex advice, like I know pubic lice.

Bill Schulz - Results from DNA tests to determine his sex were inconclusive.

By valleysam
Why is Danny Glover being led away in handcuffs at a SEIU rally? Probably for his role in 1997's Gone Fishin'.
By DarkUrthe
Anna David she knows partying like I know playing World of Warcraft. She refuses to join my guild.

Dana Vachon if biting commentary were a blowhorn, I would mount him on a ship.

John Devore if cunning wit were an English desert, he would be a spotted dick.
By valleysam
John DeVore - If ingenious satire were a mule, I'd ride his ass until we both collapsed from exhaustion.
By underdog
I can't wait for more S.E. Cupp!

She knows knocking 'em out cold, like I know being Rick-rolled.
By Lance Boyle
John devore, if wit were a gas tank, I'd stick my hose in him and pump until he's full
By Odawgz
Good Lord, what was fueling Dana Vachon tonight?

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