12:27pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Thursday's Gregalogue: Social Ineptitude Disorder

By Icebreaker
Jill Dobson...she's so hot Produce Managers won't allow her near the iceberg lettuce

By DarkUrthe
Loni Love she is so funny that spoiled food tastes Loni.

Jill Dobson so cute that Hello Kitty leave s a protest on her porch

Ron Geraci he knows dating hotties like I know burying bodies.

Mickey Kaus, if journalistic integrity were a basketball game 10 sweaty athletes would be in him for 48 minutes.
By Icebreaker
...And his readership is on the "down-low" if by "down-low" you mean his subscription rate is, like, down really low. It's our good friend Pinch.
By valleysam
Welcome to Redeye - It's like Run, Lola, Run; if by Lola, you mean houseboys.

Bill Schulz - He claims syringes and Cheetoes as work-related tax deductions.

Ron Geraci - He knows solitary living conditions, like I know meth addiction.

Jill Dobson - She's so hot, prolonged exposure to her is known to lead to skin cancer.
By DarkUrthe
I now have a disorder I can ascribe to most of my year sin college and starting out my career.
By azideam
Loni Love; she knows firey comedy, like I know fried hominy. We're both above the Mason-Dixon Line.
By azideam
Jill Dobson; she's so sweet, honey drizzles her on itself! She also mixes well with tea.

Ron Geraci; he's a dating machine that's not too lean... if self-deprecation were a door jam, I'd injure my thumb in him.
By azideam
His smell comes straight from the bowels of hell...

Bill Schulz; his ethnicity on the Census is Laundromutt
By Iverson3
Jill Dobson, shes so cute unicorns keep stuffed animals of her
By Icebreaker
Loni Love...she's so sexy even her shadow gets wolf-whistles and cat-calls.
By underdog
Welcome to Redeye - It's just like Meet Parents, if by 'Parents' you mean 'Dumpster'

He's the cell to my phone, the dog to my bone, the Sylvester to my Stallone. Please welcome my repulsive sidekick Bill Schulz. Yes, his mother did do hard drugs during pregnancy.
By Lance Boyle
Jill Dobson, she's as cute as a bunny pushing a kitten in a My Little Pony carriage.
By alastorx
Nice job, Greg. To the Gregalogue - it's a condor of candor.
By TulsaTornado
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like 'The Ghost Whisperer', if by 'Ghost', you mean 'Rat'..

Jill Dobson, she's so hot, Congress wants to make her buy carbon offsets..

Loni Love, she's funnier than a nearsighted clown bringing a porcupine to a condom factory..

Ron Geraci, if biting commentary were champagne, people would smash him against the side of a ship on it's maiden voyage..
By TulsaTornado
Bill Schulz, he cheats at solitaire..
By DarkUrthe
Welcome to Red Eye, its like Love American Style if by American you mean doggy.

The gregalogue it is a thimble of thoughtfulness
By dustrider
Welcome to Red Eye -- It's like "In the Company of Wolves", if by 'wolves' you mean 'houseboys'.

...and he's a stickler for grammar whose sales have been hammered, it's our New York Times correspondent; good to see you, Pinch.

By Belize042
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like "Funny Girl," if by Girl you mean Smell.

Ron Geraci--if biting wit were leather old craftsmen would be waiting to tan his hide.

Jill Dobson, she's so radiant eye protection must be worn at all times.
By dustrider
Also, you forgot intermittent explosive bladder disorder, which occurs after men at bars drink too much to overcome social ineptitude disorder. Which sometimes leads to the dread moist trousers disorder.
By Mckenzie
And Correctile dysfunction which often prevents me from getting my comment up.
By Warhead711
My sidekick Bill Schulz:

The O.M. to my G.

The Sodo to my ME.

The Down Wit' to my OPP.

Even the cheshire cat frowns when he's around.
By underdog
The Gregaloge! It's a hammerhead of hope.
By Warhead711
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like the Bold and the Beautiful if by Bold and the Beautiful you mean "not".
By Warhead711
or "neither"...
By Warhead711
The Gregalogue: it's a tightrope of truth.
By maciena michel kuti
Welcome to Red Eye- it's like entering the No Spin Zone if, by "spin" you mean "critical thinking."
By maciena michel kuti
And his only readers are socialist leaders- it's our NY Times Correspondent; good to see you again, Pinch.
By Johnny Robertson
really enjoyed Loni Love,,hope you have her more often,,summertime is here,,bikini time

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