12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By azideam
I always suspected Koppel of being a unicornist. Bastard!
By timdub70
What do you expect from someone who looks like Alfred E. Neuman?
By DarkUrthe
I always admired Ted. Not many people buy that vacuum cleaner hair cutting system, much less use it.
By dustrider
The ironic thing is back in the late 60s-early 70s ABC presented itself as the alternative to the liberalism of CBS and NBC -- until it got co-opted by people like Koppel who wanted to be just like CBS and NBC (see CNN, circa 1986 or so for the cable example -- they started as an alternative to CBS, NBC and ABC and ended up as a clone).
By commonsense247
That's like Brian Williams, ridiculing technology and mischaracterizing it because he can't comprehend it and how it's different and more faceted and flexibly functional than his elite club of dinosaurs peers.

By sawbuck
Poor ol' Ted is a rotary dial telephone in a world of Blackberrys. He had to be one of the reference points for creating the Ron Burgundy character. To his credit though, he is slightly less annoying than those asshats Sam Donaldson and Dan Rather.
By OtisWild
I give Brian Williams and Ted Koppel a break, cuz at least they're funny when they're not newsing.

Rather, Donaldson, etc? Those unfunny fuckers can die in a fire.
By ProgPariah77
sawbuck: "Poor ol' Ted is a rotary dial telephone in a world of Blackberrys."

More like a string 'n' can "intercom" in the world of iPhones. So when is America - and the rest of the world - gonna wake up to the stranglehold that the increasingly lame and gripey Left has on the televised media? Thank God for Fox News and talk radio.
By salvator m
I'd like to coin a phrase to apply to Koppel and these other old, obsolete "journalists" like the douchebag who ran the New York Times, and the rest. They are "Journalistic Luddites," which might be giving them too much credit calling them journalists.

They need to come up with some new content to attact people, not crickets, to their broadcasts. Amazing that old school media hasn't reali...
By salvator m
sorry...hasn't realized that they are losing audience because they are preaching the same old nonsense that we don't want to listen to any longer.
By Bastet
Please leave Ted Koppel alone.He has tragic hair and maybe dementia.You are a bully who likes to abuse the sad and irrelevant.Koppelist!Unicorns should be hated and feared.Many believe they are carnivorous harbingers of the Apocalypse.Silkwood was a great movie and certainly tearworthy.

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