12:34pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Keith Olberman
"Which leads me to believe this guy is a nobody, in between jobs, desperately seeking approval (and possibly, some tongue) from Keith Olbermann."

I'm game. Bring him on!
By Meatwad
If only these "crazies" that form on the outskirts of political ideaologies would put forth the same effort towards resolving the acutal issuses rather than attempting to destroy each other, we may actually be able to get some positive action accomplished. I support the tea party movement!
By Meatwad
Oh god I sure hope that my non white friends don't find out that I'm a racist! How rediculous! I don't understand? How am I a racist? Or a homophobe? Just because I don't support growing socialization of the USA somehow I also become a bigot!? Are you serious!?
By Meatwad
For that matter if ANY OF OUR CURRENT POLOTICIANS would put forth as much effort solving the issues they were elected to solve rather than bashing and biting each other, we would....

Ah...who I am kidding I'm just high!
By Poland
And this man's current job is?
By Jersey Dave
So they intend to portray their opposition as racist, homomphobic and nasty by.. giving that opposition the out on any accusations of that by saying this stupid crap on the internet.

The sad thing is that real people could get hurt by it.

Also what kind of psycho do you have to be, if you claim you are tolerant, to go shout nasty racist things, sexist things etc.? Is that really an act, or...
By Jersey Dave
..or is it the person that they really are?

If so doesn't this make the far left whackos look far worse than the tea partiers?

By Jersey Dave
Once again I point to the end of the Twilight Zone episode "A Piano in the House." Them going out to scream racist and sexist garbage and try to start fights sure says a lot more about what is inside them than it does about their self professed enemies.
By Jersey Dave
Maybe it even says better about the tea partiers than the partiers would even say about themselves.


Stick with it to 3:32 it is worth it.

Sorry to overspam the queue.
By broliath
Now we know where David Shuster has been..
By Bastet
I rather doubt that the Tea Party movement is completely free of prejudice.Most large groups of people contain someone with negative views of others.However, the thoughts of a few members seldom define collective goals.Nobodies have feelings too.Not all of us have treehouses.Some of us are afraid of heights and have to construct forts with blankets and kitchen chairs.

By Mckenzie
And next, someone will infiltrate the infiltrating infiltrators and initiate the first Tea party/bowel movement, whatever the hell that means. Party on dudes...
Really liked that one, GG.

I live just outside of Portland, Oregon (feel sorry for me). I've witnessed first-hand this strange aversion to soap.

So, I'm working on a new video series, Liberals Gone Wild ("Show me your...pits!"). Should be a huge hit, look for the ads on MTV around 2:00 am. I'm gonna be rich!
By sawbuck
'We'll find the racists even if we have to make them up!'

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