12:12pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By josh123
That's freaking ridiculous. I hate politically corectness. It will be a sad day when our country comes to that...which it's on the road to doing.
By Have good get give
Sometimes, the best way to learn is by making mistakes. This should NOT be one of those times.
By fetch THE bucket
It seems political correctness is never as accommodating when it comes to Christian practices.
By DarkUrthe
If only super bugs only killed said people who refuse hygiene...
By goldnerz
Just in from the AP: "Islamic extremists" now being referred to as "peace-challenged ruffians" by the WH
By Bastet
I'm not really concerned about Islamic hygienic practices in hospitals elsewhere.There are plenty of unsanitary practices in US hospitals and extended care facilities that transcend religion.A lack of good universal precautions have negative ramifications on patients.I know of four dirty things to do with germ X (ten things with Ready Whip).
By salvator m
I wonder if this will make British teeth even worse?

Also, this just in, AP reporting that Islamic/Muslim terrorist shitheads will know be known as \"devout local toughs.\"
By Syslob
I have a simple solution to solve all of our radical islamist problems irregardless of the situation... pig skin covers. Put pig skin covers on everything. This will drive the whackjobs out of the work place in their irrational belief of not touching anything "unclean". Pig skin seat covers on airplanes. Pig skin gurny covers. Pig skin on everything i tell you! PIGSKINS!

And if you ...
By Meatwad
It's funny, you know, watching reports about that family in york, pa. ya know the protesters yadda yadda, hearing people making arguments for and against free speach, then considering that even in the USA we making consolations for Islam limiting the freedom of speach by creating this political correctness.
By Meatwad
So it's only when this political correctness bites us in the ass I.E. 28 Days Later, that well actually stop to think that maybe we should have been a little more realistic any a little less huggie kissey.......
By Meatwad
A rose buy any other name is still a rose, but to call it by another name neither adds to its beauty nor lends it any greater justice, so just call it what it is...in other words, Some one who is a member of a religious sect that commits violence in the name of that religion is an (add religion) extremist.

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