12:14pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Cheesy Potatoes
Patti Anne Browne: She's so hot, that Greenpeace protesters are picketing outside of her home.

Joe DeRosa: He loves great satire like I love Captain McIntyre. Wasn't Wayne Rogers great on MASH people?

John Devore: He supports gun rights like I support ton rights. Please don't mock my weight problem people.
By valleysam
Welcome to Redeye - It's like How to Train Your Dragon; if by dragon, you mean houseboys.

PAB - She's so hot, people are advised to put aloe vera on their skin immediately after exposing themselves to her.

Bill Schulz - His favorite hobby involves knee pads, and he doesn't own a skateboard.
By Cheesy Potatoes
And he's the pus to my pimple, the strep to my throat, the gonoccocal to my urethritis, yes its my repulsive sidekick Bill Schulz. even President Obama doesn't want him to get Health Care.
By azideam
Patti Ann Browne; she's so sweet, hummingbirds keep posters of her in their bedrooms.

Joe Derosa; if hilarity were a cubicle, I'd speak in hushed tones while in him during the week.

John Devore; if sinsightful commentary were a tree, I'd climb his limbs to get to the fruit.

Bill Schulz... he wears a retainer, but never had braces.
By malone
Red Eye, it is like 'The Ghost Whisperer' if by ghost you mean Tranny.

Patti Ann Browne, she is so hot that pyromaniacs are now called pabomaiacs.

Patti Ann Browne, she is so sexy parents now complain about PAB Ed in schools.

Bill Schulz, in the Greek navy he is a practice dummy.
By azideam

John Devore; if insightful commentary were a tree, I'd climb his limbs to get near his fruit.

By Brody McBrohiem
John Devore - if wit and wisdom was a kitten, Andy would stroke him until he started to purr

Joe Derosa - if comedic genious were a a leaky boat, I would plug his holes until he was air tight
By Jersey Dave
valleysam and azideam I love your pab ones....

Patti Ann Browne: She's the ginger snap with the news on tap. She's the ginger treat of the Fox News beat.

Joe DeRosa: He's so hilarious that laughing gas is now known as Joe DeRosa gas. I heard it smells like peanut butter.
By dustrider
Welcome to Red Eye -- It's like "Where the Boys Are", if by 'boys' you mean 'bodies'.

...and he writes Arts & Leisure like he's having seizures, it's our New York Times correspondent; good to see you, Pinch.
By DarkUrthe
Patti Ann Browne if attractivness were a pachinko machine, Japanese men would flip her knobs for hours at a time.

Joe Derosa funnier than a clown getting kicked in the crotch with an over sized shoe.

John Devore he knows liberal pontification like I know public urination.
By TulsaTornado
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like 'How I met Your Mother', if by met, you mean drugged..

PAB, if brains & beauty were pancakes, she'd be stacked & covered in syrup every morning..

Joe Derosa, he's funnier than a nearsighted clown playing pin the tail on the donkey in a balloon factory..

By TulsaTornado
John Devore, if intelligent commentary were a bugle, soldiers would blow him every morning to wake up the troops..

Bill Schulz, Fun fact! He moonlights as an olive pit..
By DarkUrthe
Welcome to Red Eye its like Dexy's Midnight Runners, without the dress code.

Bill Schulz, the Charlie Brown to my Lucy, the duck duck to my goosey and the antlers to my moosey. His dreams are made of chocolate and thumb tacks.
By Jersey Dave
John Devore: He knows dialogue that's biting like I know Kung Fu Fighting. Size matters not, people. Well that's what Bill told me.

Bill Schulz: Well he's the smile to my face, the thrill to my chase, and the Bad to my Taste. It's my disgusting co host Bill Schulz. He's a Derek and Dereks don't run. Hide the sheep.

Pinch: He's got the stories going that aren't worth knowing....
By josh123
I liked the robot comment. More than I should have...

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