12:26pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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THURSDAY'S GREGALOGUE: The Consequences of Chicken Little

By DarkUrthe
pour milk on kittehs once...
By Bastet
Apathy starts as your canned tomatoes fall from a torn reused bag across the parking lot.Recycling and eco awareness are never enough.Until we all live in caves and eat lawn clippings will Al Gore be happy.Hugo Chavez is cute.We could watch Casablanca and eat cheesecake.You shouldn't turn kitties into cannibals, but with yogurt they can learn other tricks.
By broliath
Unspeakable Truth... If Americans embraced Sean Penn's greater good ideals, we would never tolerate someone who rendezvous with genocidal dictators like Chavez.

But Penn is a victim of tolerance. He lives in a society so tolerant of stupidity, that he evolves into a self-loathing retard.

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