12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By dustrider
If he's so powerful, why doesn't Deepak meditate up that prison in Upstate New York he was wanting the U.S. to build last year to house all the Gitmo terrorists (if Chopra thinks upstate New York is far enough away from his NYC digs to dump a bunch of mass murderers, it's not a shock he'd be acting callous about a major quake across the country).

By tintinismybelgian
Sorry about the yoga mat incident. I've been trying to lose weight, but those Easter Peeps are so tempting.

(I really can't stand Easter Peeps...They taste like sugary packing peanuts.)
By spaceracer23
I like using the house mat-

theres someting about the smell of other poeple's back sweat that makes yoga so much more relaxing....
By RonMexico
You're going to repeat the theme song segment tonight, right? We missed the entire thing because the space shuttle did something of monumental importance, like make some kind of routine maneuver.
By TulsaTornado
I think the Mexican Government should place an arrest warrant out for him and try to have a trial, even though it would just be for show, if only to bring that dirtbag down a peg or two.
By Bastet
Natural disasters are fun!It's great that Chopra can utilize his impressive mental powers to create seismic events.He is the tooliest tool from Tooltown.Leave middle-aged women alone, males of a certain age range are just as easily duped by snake oil salesmen.Stupidity is universal.You sir are a misogynistic, unicorn-worshiping ageist.
By DarkUrthe
I was breathing at the time... sorry Cali. And for my colleagues, sorry I did not have breath mints.
By fetch THE bucket
I'll say this again: Greg, would you please tell Fox that no one is watching RedEye in hopes that there will be a Fox News Alert. At three o'clock in the morning, if I want hard news, I'll look elsewhere. But at three o'clock in the morning, no one cares what's happening in the world unless it's framed in your hilarious perspective.

By broliath
Shows how liberals mold any event to reaffirm their assumptions of the world. This stupidity goes unchallenged, because the like-minded media is afraid to mock their own. Imagine if Al Gore responded... "The earth woke from meditation. Deepak dropped his purse again." It's only Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh who can voice " vile rhetoric" about a catastrophic event.
By Icebreaker
What's the email or street address that we can send letters of protest? 2 days in a row RED EYE has been partially preempted for non-news stories: President Obama landing in Prague, miners still trapped, and a space shuttle docking with the ISS is not sufficiently newsworthy to interrupt my favorite program.

Get your house in order, FOX, or I'll start watching Nancy Grace reruns.

By josh123
This story is so sad. How self centered can you be?

I hated the space shuttle news too. It was gay.
By ~~EVE~~
Gotham?? guess...ROBBINGTHERICH.....OR, ROBINTHEBITCH, wasn't available! If the ground was shakin...it was HELL, opening up!

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