12:30pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By AUTiger89
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like The Day The Earth Stood Still, if by The Earth you mean Bill's Heart.

Rick Leaventhal, if intrepid reporting were a ball, bowlers would roll him in an alley, trying to stay out of the gutter.
By DarkUrthe
Mike Estes he knows chords, like I know cords... darn friction burns

Rick Leaventhal if journalistic excellence were a bronco, cowbows would ride him at the state fair for about 5 seconds

Noelle Nikpour, so hot that jalapenos peppers ar enow known as Noelle Nikpour peppers

Hypernova they know thrash like Bill knows trash

Special guest, they are so special that they are kept in mylar ba...
By Uncle Jesse
The wrong to my right, the dim to my bright, the sickly to my might, it's my repulsive sidekick Bill Schultz. In the Malaysia, Bill Schultz means wet season.

By Igotapee
Rick Leaventhal if journalistic awesomeness were a freeway I'd ride him until I got off at the next exit.
By Brody McBrohiem
Rick Leaventhal - if intrepid reporting were a swimming pool, I would enter him on my belly. It's true, I was the belly flop champ at summer camp
By Lance Boyle
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like All My Children, if by children you mean houseboys who call me Daddy.
By dustrider
Welcome to Red Eye -- It's like "Hercules Unchained", if by "Hercules" you mean "Herpes".

...and he thinks he's witty but his sales aren't pretty, it's our New York Times correspondent; good to see you, Pinch.
By valleysam
Welcome to Redeye - It\'s like Remains of the Day; if by day, you mean exchange students.

They\'re elegant, refined, and always devine; but enough about the 82nd Airborne Division ...

Bill Schulz - At truck stops, he\'s considered a lube job.
By azideam
Rick Leaventhal; if journalistic integrity were championship ping pong, I'd slapshot his balls to win the game.

Noelle Nikpour; she's so hot, McDonald's coffee spills her in it lap.
By azideam
Bill Schulz... he prefers cloth to disposables.
By valleysam
Rick Leventhal - Hes so sharp, kidnappers use him to cut-out their ransom notes.

By Jersey Dave
Bil Schulz: Well he's the Cheese to my Mac, the 8 to my Track, and the Pipe to my Crack.
By Jersey Dave
Noelle Nikpour: She's so hot that Jalapeno Peppers are now known as Noelle Nikpour peppers.
By Jersey Dave
Noelle Nikpour: She's so hot that Jalapeno Peppers are now known as Noelle Nikpour peppers.
By Jersey Dave
Noelle Nikpour she knows the Middle East like I know I'm a Sexy Beast!
By Icebreaker
Noelle Nikpour...if beauty were a radar detector I'd mount her on my dashboard.

Courtney Friel...she knows celebrity news like David Schuster knows suspensions.

By valleysam
Courtney Friel - Shes so sweet, mothers warn eating her before supper will ruin your appetite.
By TulsaTornado
Welcome to Red Eye, it's just like Breaking News, if by 'News', you mean 'Wind'..

Noelle Nikpour, she's so hot, Summer can't wait for it to be Noelle Nikpour season..

Courtey Friel, if being sexy were dish of ice cream, I'd sprinkle my nuts on top of her..

Rick Leaventhal, if great reporting skills were pancakes, I'd cover him in syrup & have him for breakfast every morning..
By TulsaTornado
Bill Schulz, he's an unlimited source of natural gas..
By azideam
Courtney Friel; she expresses views like I miss Ab-News.
By DarkUrthe
Courtney Friel she knows entertainment like I know restrainment... I forgot my safe word last night.

Bill Shulz, the star to my trek, the ogre to my shreck and the floor boards to my deck... in Myanmar he is marmalade
By The Juneau Raven
Courtney Friel. If hotness were a cult, they'd believe that the earth revolves around her. Her beauty brings light to the world every day!

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