12:34pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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tuesday's gregalogue: A COUNTRY FULL OF RACISTS

By azideam
Will that be paper or plastic?
By Mckenzie
And to fight back, Nickelodean is airing marathons of 'Everybody Hates Chris.'
By broliath
Gutfeld, please call MSNBC out for this:


By fetch THE bucket
Greg, would you please tell Fox that no one is watching RedEye in hopes that there will be a Fox News Alert. At three o'clock in the morning, if I want hard news, I'll look elsewhere. But at three o'clock in the morning, no one cares what's happening in the world unless it's framed in your hilarious perspective.

By DogOnCrack
Greg, I'll tell you how to double the show's ratings!

Book Sarah Palin and put her in the leg chair!


By OtisWild
JESUS FUCKING XENU.. Unless the fucking space shuttle is burning up in the atmosphere or blowing up on the launch pad, I don't need to hear about it at 3am!!!!!

Fuckin who gives a shit about the fuckin shuttle anyway? Fuckin old news waste of money.. And the fuckin commie ISS? It can eat teh corn out of my ASS...
By gnicholas
my rebuttal you ask?

By sodajunkie
If you reuse paper shopping bags, cut eye holes in it and dress up as The Unknown Comic, then you are DEFINITELY a racist because it resembles the KKK hood...otherwise, you are just simply a white supremecist.
By Bastet
Racism is "a thought or belief that one race is better than another".People tend to seek comfort zones and are drawn to those who mirror themselves.Just because a group of people have similarities doesn't make them racists.When I have tea parties I am very picky.I don't invite gnomes or elves.But hobbits are welcome because of their big feet.

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