12:13pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By fish966
I hope that he just said it was not offensive so it wouldn't be banned. They have a much more sensitive government over there.
By OtisWild
More a fan of Richard Ayoade myself... _Garth Marenghi_ and _The IT Crowd_ are hee-larious..
By Bastet
It seems unfair to judge artistic expression without viewing a work.But I suspect that Morris wasn't trying to be edgy or deep.Portraying terrifying groups in a comedic way is not new.It creates buzz and profit.Besides bumbling evil tends to diffuse fear when that evil is beyond reason.

Unicorn pizza is yummy!
By broliath
If your conclusion requires you to humanize terrorists, strip naked in downtown dallas, produce a 3D cartoon with blue aliens, or skinny-dip in a hot tub with Hugo Chavez... it's probably not a good idea. If it was, it would probably exist. Thats the beauty of capitalism - it doesn't reward bad ideas, with exception to when they are make-believe. Which is why Hollywood is the only place where stu...
By broliath
place where stupidity is profitable. People like Morris don't just challenge assumptions, they challenge logic, which makes them.. logically challenged. Because when you humanize a buffoon, you buffoonize humanity.

By broliath
*If you challenge a common assumption, you are likely are challenging common sense. And if you challenge common sense, you probably are challenged by it.
By Cuneos
Hopefully, last night's show will be replayed this Saturday.
By OtisWild
Yeah, stupid mine accident, stop steppin' all over my funny!
By Mckenzie
Suicide bombers and Kamikaze shots are never funny...the next day.

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