12:29pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By azideam
You're also a Andy-ist and a Bill-ist.
By Chapper
I hate pianos so I guess that means I'm a pianist. Damn it, I can't win!!
By fish966
Im only half polist I have some german and irish in there to. Id like to see a poll for how many people think there are to many polls. And that really is racist. Can\'t we all just hate everything and get along? No one in power listened to the polls in the first place why should they now? I hope they don\'t its kind of funny to watch.
By Poland
That's a very hate-ist viewpoint, Greg.
By broliath
Whether Bush or Barack, the theme of the Left remains the same: Presidential Assassination. When not hoping for assassination, they're fearing the assassination of Hope.

But wouldn't most assume that violence be the last concern for the champions of hope?

Absolutely not! This debate is over!
By Bastet
Hate is great!I hate too much for a complete list.I hate clowns, bad movie sequels, CNN, poodles, and zealots.I also hate attention whores who post inane ramblings.Self hatred is tragic.I don't like Andy Levy he acts too smug and superior.I hope his cats stage a coup and end his tyranny.
By broliath
And the Badu video is what happens when the village idiot wikipedias "groupthink."

Of course "Groupthink" doesn't represent the 95% of blacks that support Obama.

And people will always want to "assassinate things they do not understand," especially if it costs $1 Trillion of their own money.
By distracted
Teaching respect:

Many cultures do not respect women. I teach the value of respect in careers and society in general - for women, people with disabilities, and appearances such as weight...

Men at my school get respect; women do not. Teaching respect has nothing to do with dating.

Or should I just let the boys be disrespectful to women due to their size and strength?

By Mckenzie
Everybody doesn't like something, but nobody doesn't like Sara Lee... or was that Sarah P. (as in Palin)

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