8:38pm on Friday the 23rd of August
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By DarkUrthe
Eric Stonestreet he knows family matters like I know Pu Pu Platters.

Barret Swatek she is so seductive, she can make anyone think Lando Calrissian was a Jedi.

Will Leitch if whit were a flat tire, I would twist his nuts on the side of the road.

Ellis Henican he knows pinkos like I know pink panties. They make me feel young people.
By thatssorandom
Welcome to Red Eye! It's like "Everybody Loves Raymond" if by "Loves Raymond" you mean "Bangs Your Mom".

By thatssorandom
Bill Schulz! He begs for garbage so he can have some of his own.
By thatssorandom
Barret Swatek! She's so intoxicating, tequila falls down and pukes after drinking too much of her.
By dustrider
Too bad they're not doing "Sealab 2121" anymore, or maybe Ellis could get you a guest voice spot (though there's still "The Venture Brothers" to think about).

Welcome to Red Eye -- It's like "Full Metal Jacket", if by 'metal' you mean 'strait'.

...and he's giddy about the health care bill, but his revenues are still sick, it's our New York Times correspondent; good to see you, P...
By thatssorandom
Will Leitch! He knows popular sports like I know hairy men in shorts. Paradise is beach volleyball on Caveman Island!
By Brody McBrohiem
He's the dirt to my nap, the gangster to my rap, and the sucker to my sap. It's my disgusting sidekick Bill Shultz. Without him, we wouldn't need a healthcare bill.

Eric Stonestreet - If family satire were my taxes I would get very frustrated trying to do him.

Barret Swatek - She's so hot Hell's kitchen is now called Barret Swatek's kitchen.
By spaceagent
He's quick at retorts, he frequently snorts and he's covered with warts. My lonely sidekick Bill Schulz. In Mexico he's considered a piņata.
By Poland
Welcome to Red Eye, it's like Desperately Seeking Susan, if by Susan, you mean antidotes.

Barret Swatek, she so bright, Alaskans stare at her to cure their SAD.

Will Leitch, he knows sports like I know forts. I'm making one under the desk after the show.
By Remman
Eric Stonestreet - if acting genius were an Easter egg, I'd roll him on the White house lawn.

Barret Swatek, she's so hot the "Burning Bush" is now called the "Barret Swatek Bush"

By azideam
He's the Little to my Big Man, the Oscilating to my Fan, the Trash to my Can...

Bill Schulz; he was issued as a Public Health Reform.
By azideam
Barret Swatek; she's so witty, comics put her in the front row for on-hand advice. Except Jimmy Norton, of course!
By valleysam
Welcome to Redeye - It's like The Endless Summer; If by summer, you mean spankings.

Bill Schulz - He lives in his storgage facility.
By psudrozz
WOW-you got will leitch? i'm impressed.

remember to ask him why he loves strip clubs so much
By redeyenut
Ellis Henican: If left-leaning commentary were a communist despot, I'd Mao Tse Tung him.
By redeyenut
Welcome to Red Eye: it's like "A Weekend at Bernie's", if by "Bernie's", you mean "Detox".
By Dina Williams
I am tired of the race issue. Hasn't it been enough time yet? I see all around me that black people have just as many rights as any one else and in many cases MORE. When will it stop? When all the white people are dead? I love all people and feel like we should, "Be ye kind one to the other." I have nothing-to CALL-if I feel like people are against me. Gee.You must hate Whites.oh.how silly...

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