9:07am on Friday the 6th of December
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By DarkUrthe
nail meet head. Or wait... is Chris Matthews dating my girlfriend?
By fetch THE bucket
I love how Joan Walsh tries to pretend she took the "most for my buck" comment literally and then try to make something of it. MSDNC is the most nitpicking network ever spawned.
By Remman
I bet Chrissy cried in his pillow.
By Plastik
I watched matthews shill his emotions for Obamacare last night. It is a good thing he didn't take up acting. He actually felt sorry that he was happy that his relative was getting good care. He was tearing up because good care was given the word he used to describe his feelings was "Ashamed". Yes he should be ashamed. Ashamed that he's a schill for the Obama Machine and that equipment will fai...
By Plastik
Do Crocodile tears contain salt? Did he have half an onion under his lapel?

With Obamacare paying for abortions is there anyway we can have them made retro-active?

Wonder how it feels to be Obama's Slut? At least Clinton Screwed women
By fish966
Everyone wants to talk about Bret interrupting Obama, but not me. I wonder if Obama is really a Miss America contestant. He is very vain. Never misses an opportunity to be infront of the camera. And, his answers rambled on and on. I was waiting for him to say: The health care and like with the like people who like need health and care but like with not having like either like makes me sad.
By fish966
Chris is a slightly more, or less dergranged version of Dan Rather. If his show was on the real Cartoon Network in would have to come on after ten so his goulish face wouldn't scare the hell out of the kids. Im still hoping that the tingle in his leg turns into a numbness in his arm. I kid, if he died we would be left with just olby and mad cow.
By Willadamus
How dare Bret ask the president awnser the question he was asked!!!!

Um, who's Chris Matthews?
By Meatwad
That was amazing.. like watching a fat guy slip on a banana peel..in a constant loop..They should be ashamed for displaying that clip in such a misconstrued fashion...
By sunkisd_2000
well at least i have one thing to look forward to before the passage of deathcare this weekend..and that is.. our CIA guy is on tonite..

hey greg will you ask mike baker if he can arrest obama and his posse and charge them all with treason? and if not, does he know someone who can??? ;o)
By me57ajg51
Yeah who is this Chris Matthews? I think Obama is having trouble accepting he lost the battle he started with Fox, having to come on Fox just pisses him off. Bret done a great job.
By Harmor
I wonder if the racist homophobes who feeds babies to Nazis are offended with Matthews?
By Jersey Dave
Remember when Chris Matthws started his show, with the concept of \"Hardball\" and all the Politicians having to answer the tough questions, and saying how great that was and how needed in America?

It wasn\'t that long ago, really. I\'d want him to remember his own mission statement then, now.

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