9:12am on Friday the 6th of December
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By CurlyWolf
It's disgusting, disheartening[was gonna continue with the dis words but forgot the rest I was gonna use] stupid and UnAmerican.

By fish966
The funny thing, if by funny you mean sad and stupid, is that Hugo is just going to flip the issue and say that the flag is not up so we can secretly occupy the country.
By aloha1127
Today more than ever... the piece written by Gordon Sinclair, The Americans (narrated by Byron MacGregor) is so relevant.

I have children like the world... they come running back to you when they need help and expect it!!!!

From now on we should send the help after we rape & plunder the land of those dictators that scream like little pigs denouncing us and send the spoils of our gains to the cou...
By Peter_C
Obama doesn't want the flag flown because he hates

1. The Military

2. Everything real Americans stand for (meaning the non-teat-sucking class who think "life, liberty and property" are more than a catchphrase)

3. You and Me

4. Kittens

By Jersey Dave
We should make it a point not to care what Hugo Chavez says because he is off his nut.

People like that go away or are at the least highly depowered if crud like this from them is ignored.
By drummergirrl
By the way, the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan can't fly our flag either. Why? Because It might inflame the citizens. Well, screw them. That is f'd up. Let them live in squalor if they don't like it. I am so sick of having to apologize for being the best country in the world. Who cares what Europe thinks? We saved their ass!
By Randsurfer
As the Brits would say, "Spot On" Greg.

The official "non-occupying" statement alone should cause 95% of all Americans to NOT_VOTE for B.O. next time around.

Even the idiots around the world who hate/envy the USA must be in awe of his stupidity.
By Meatwad
DUH..I mean..really Is this serious?

Come on, with Al Jeezera reporting that predator drones are targeting hospitals and schools packed with children, one would think that our flag flying in places where we are involved in international aid situations would be viewed as a positive thing.

But that's just me...an' I'm not an complete (enter explitive)

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