9:11am on Friday the 6th of December
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By DarkUrthe
Rube Goldberg would give OK Go a big hug... so it balances out.
By azideam
Steve Austin's bionics slo-mo was cool. Dr. Rudy Wells invented it. Oscar Goldman financed it. Steve Austin 'cooled' it.
By Jersey Dave
We need more video of such offenders getting owned. It does happen, too. Less broadcasts of stuff like the security guys who did nothing when someone was being beat up and more of cops who own the attackers.

It would easily decrease crime. Most offenders are, as you say punks (for want of another "p word" we described them with when I was growing up in New Jersey.)
By dustrider
When I think of Albertson's I think of them selling store-branded liquor in New Mexico. Nothing says 'class' like a liter of vodka or rum with a supermarket's name on it, though I guess it would make for easier to catch shoplifters, in regular or slow-motion, since they're probably staggering around to begin with.

By DarkUrthe
What I hate are the dopey montages set to sappy music that no hour long drama can avoid. Nothing says meaningful like having a Nickleback ballad playing through tear jerking scenes.
It's Joe Albertson's supermarket, but the mete department is mine.

Oh, Boise.
By WillytheWily
Not exactly a bad point, but this is about as "You durn kids!" as you can get.

By Freepo
Greg. You're sounding like a cranky old fart more and more everyday. Just let the MTV kids have their slow motion music videos. Wait...does MTV even still play music videos? Maybe I should get cable...
By Harold Stickeehands
Slow motion has its uses, but only in movies like Reservoir Dogs. And why is eating babies suddenly out of fashion? It's not like they are a non-renewable resource.
By Mintavia
You make a good point...."cool" behavior, when seen in actual time looks pretty stupid. Come to think of it...arnt most of the things we thought were cool look pretty stupid to us now?
By jtinaustin
I worked in an Albertson's in Cedarpark, Texas that was hit by a tornado. I never went back. Mostly because I hate tornados.

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