9:07am on Friday the 6th of December
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By fetch THE bucket
He CLEARLY (under all the shouting) said that they do not embrace racism. Yet he didn't answer any questions. That Ratigan is scary.
By thegooddoctor
A sad, sad, sad man.

The posterboy for state controlled media, socialized news.

MSNBC is like watching nascar, if you mean waiting for the crashes...

Ratigoon, Thriller, EDgore, Olby, Madcow...

"real news for genius"
By Rhonus
I think I get it now. MSNBC is one huge sketch comedy show!
By fish966
If he keeps acting like that olby might let him be the big spoon. And, everyone wants to be the big spoon. Except maybe Bill.
By Harold Stickeehands
The day an MSNBC reporter rips into a hollywood celeb for their open support for rapists like Polanski and murderous thugs like Chavez, is the day I'll believe their outrage at a unstructured movement failing to weed out a small minority of racist members.
By Harold Stickeehands
And are these the same leftists who support the ACLU even when it defends the scum of the earth at NAMBLA? yeah, I thought so. I guess that kind of active association is all good, but not doing a purge of a grassroots movement to respond to the leftist meme that the tea parties are racist is a deal breaker.
By Harold Stickeehands
P.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center can suck my balls. It's just another non profit that is attempting to redefine itself in the hopes of remaining relevant with donors. They're as bad as the racist scum they use to tarnish the entire tea party movement. Meh, I should have just written a blog post.
By Jersey Dave
I was wondering if someone could make a "Hitler video" with the now-famous Downfall scene to mock Ratigan, but then I thought, who do you satirize that which has already become satire in itself? At what point can you just stand back and let someone talk until they have smashed their own arguments?
By Jersey Dave
I also wonder if other people out there are seeing it and seeing it the way Mr. Gutfeld is. I am sure there are (Red Eye watchers) and I am pretty sure that others are figuring it out too.
By Jersey Dave
I also wonder if other people out there are seeing it and seeing it the way Mr. Gutfeld is. I am sure there are (Red Eye watchers) and I am pretty sure that others are figuring it out too.
By mags0221
What an absolute head case.
By DogOnCrack
Imogen certainly has the correct hair color.

Let's take a look at how healthcare works in all those so-called "civilized" nations, shall we?

I think we should!

By DogOnCrack
I suppose that rationing of care and denial of it to the elderly is the more "civilized" thing to do, right?

Hell, for that matter, why don't we just give our grandparents cyanide pills and tell them that they'd be doing society a favor by commiting suicide just like the Dutch do?

Now that's PROGRESS!
By DogOnCrack
BTW, the methodology used by the World Health Organization to determine the quality of healthcare in various nations is specifically designed to disparage the United States. In fact, one of the main reasons why they rank us so low is because we don't have the kind of socialized medicine that they condone! It really has nothing to do with quality of care but rather a political agenda.
By DogOnCrack
By billybonesmusic
Greg this guy is an idiot! thats why nbc is so low on the ratings, if he has a baby, i would eat it to save the planet!
By individualist
Hey Greg

I don't watch the My Suckup Nothing But Clowns network so who is this guy. Rat Again, strange name anyways...

He must be a Class 1 Ubertroll maybe he can answer a question about Troll anatomy. If a Troll's brains are in his @$$ and his heart is made of stone is a hemorrhoid a life threatening event for his kind. I'd ask the Houseboys or Unicorns but let's face it, they're bi...
By individualist
biased .. well I guess bi works too. Whatever
By Freepo
MSNBC is an extremist liberal sideshow. It's pundits are sociopathic silly nannies that should be taken out back behind my house and paddled repeatedly.
By Mary87
LOL that was an epic rage. Who does this guy think he is? Does he realize how stupid he looks screaming "you wont answer my questions!!" when he never stfu once to let the guy get in one word... fail...p.s. The C.I.A. guy is sooo sexy, you have to have him on more!

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