10:36pm on Friday the 24th of January
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By DoctorStrangelove
They say justice is blind and now New York is getting a wacko liberal that,if allowed to get his legislation passed, cause police officers to be put in jeopardy.....well I tell you, if that happens......police academy recruits will fall off and the ones that show up will have lower IQ's, cause no smart person would want to put their lives in that much risk for a liberal governor
By MissMac
I thought today was Friday.

I had another late night.
By SpiffyRaccoon!
Where does a blind guy get off telling people how to shoot?

Michelle Collins-If good looks were gerbils I'd stuff her in my pants.
By PowWow
Fantastic Gregalogue. This guy needs some serious vetting. I hear the main reason he was selected was b/c they figured he'd never be gov.

You guys break a leg or 3 on the radio tomorrow.

PAB, if she gets any cuter, I'd have to dip her in a vat filled with boiling grease

Redeye, it's the number one show in your household at this very moment
By Shannan
Aim at the arms and legs huh? Northerners.

In the South CITIZENS can chase after bad guys as they run from your house and shoot them in the back. In Kennessaw, GA you are REQUIRED to have a gun.

On the West Coast you can be arrested on conspiracy to commit murder for serving houseguests HGH beef or non-organic carrots.
By MissMac
"On the West Coast you can be arrested on conspiracy to commit murder for serving houseguests HGH beef or non-organic carrots."

But if you're rich or famous you get off scott free.
By DoctorStrangelove
"On the West Coast you can be arrested on conspiracy to commit murder for serving houseguests HGH beef or non-organic carrots..."

hahaha..... touche... The Game's afoot.....
By DoctorStrangelove
hmmm i think thats the first copy and paste comment in consecutive order I have seen hehehe
By DarkUrthe
David Paterson doesn't see criticism. Literally.
By PowWow
Matt Sanchez from Matt-Sanchez.com, a blog I enjoy reading while nibbling vienna sausages with my good friend Fred Barnes

Our next guest once went on a rampage through Times Square biting 37 people, including 8 small children, before finally being taken down by 3 tranquilizer darts. No not PAB. I was talking about Margaret Cho.

By spinlikeflynn
"My vision is actually 20-400, so you could say I'm blind to blindness ... For me anyway, it will fall on deaf ears."

Greg Gutfeld - deaf and blind. Dumb? It's TV's Helen Keller!
By spaceagent
Maybe Paterson should spend a few nights out with the cops and put HIS body on the line. A few near misses and he may have a different opinion of police tactics.

By PowWow
"David Paterson doesn't see criticism. Literally."

Know what else he doesn't see?

My sidekick Bill Schulz, he spend his days putting band aids on cold cuts so they'll heal.

By spinlikeflynn
My sidekick Bill Schulz who lives among the carcases of pigeons on his desk in his apartment and is simply accepting that they're there.
By DarkUrthe
Matt Sanchez, he knows blogging like I know dirty. I forgot to bathe today people.
By Gaines
I'm not concerned with this guys policies, I just wonder if his hookers are as good looking as his predecessors.
By PowWow
Gaines, we could ask him, but I doubt he knows.

Michelle Collins, if humor were a car, I'd rev her engine until she got heated up and ran out of gas

Matt Sanchez, he's so smart in the dictionary under smart it says, well it doesn't say Matt Sanchez, cuz that's too obvious, but you get the idea.
By DarkUrthe
Gaines: He will be a more hands on mayor.

Michelle Collins she is more cute and funny than a clown smashing a puppy down a sausage grinder.
By malone
Patti Ann Browne, she knows brains and beauty like I know being deloused with a fire hose.

Red Eye, it is like 'Gunsmoke', except Bill is our Miss Kitty.
By DogOnCrack
Michelle Collins, she knows humor like I know the highchair.
By DoctorStrangelove
Red Eye............it's like Caligula...with more decadence
By DoctorStrangelove
Patti Anne Brown..........if class were a car..she would be a Ferrari
By markca
I bet when he was chosen to be Governor, he said "I didn't see it coming".

We should make it so you can only be Governor f you're blind. It would keep them out of trouble because they won't know if she is in fact a hooker...or even a tranny. Heck, it could be his mom all we know.

By markca
Michelle Collins.... She knows cuteness like I know chloroform.

Patti Ann Browne .... She knows the news like I know what time area schools let out. I'm a safety guru, people!

Welcome to Red Eye... the #1 show among men in confinement.
By JenJen
News shows have been the best drama on TV lately.


By client #9
liberals hate cops and love criminals, so it's no surprise that patterson is blind to the implications of this idiotic proposal.

with his elevation to the govs position, perhaps obama could invite him onto the ticket as veep.

By client #9

paterson apparently is willing to turn a blind eye to white collar crime as well. great start for the empire state's new gov.
By client #9
don't get me wrong, personally i'm grateful. but if you have a governor who's soft on crime how can he be trusted with enforcing the laws of the state? that's how i got myself in trouble...am i right when i say that?

By DogOnCrack
Greg, Andy, Bill : It was great talking to you guys.
By Minister of Rants
The new governor of New York will be David Paterson. He's blind.

Somebody asked Governor Paterson if he plans to pardon Eliot

Spitzer. He said - "I can't see that happening".

(Clarification: he can't pardon for federal crimes...)
By Minister of Rants
Now that David Paterson is about to become the new governor of New York, a lot of changes are on the way. Top aides to Eliot Spitzer are getting new jobs, state legislators are changing their budget requests...

and the Emperor's Club is handing out business cards typed in braille.

By Minister of Rants
Maybe since the new governor is blind he patronizes cheaper hookers...

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