12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By R.E.O. Speedwagon
If that pig took a crap on that vegan's prius, he would be demanding the gas chamber for it.
By OtisWild
The best part is, those pinko vegans are anti-gun!

If the kid can handle a .50 cal __PISTOL__ with multiple reloads, those veginas don't stand a chance.

Just don't try makin' sausage out of 'em, too gamy..
By Right...
Jamison, good job, next... the Vegans!
By saltydog
These peace types are more vicious than any hunter or anyone in the armed forces I've ever met--and I grew up among hunters who served. At least the boy is learning about the nature of these folks early on. It ought to keep him honest.

The ass-hattery never ends.
By OtisWild
What're they gonna do, lock themselves in a small room with him and bean fart him to death?

Vicious and toothless, just line 'em up and one shot from that badass .50cal pistol will do the trick.

By Nilbog
I made myself feel a little better by purchasing a carbon debit to offset one of Gore's credits. carboncreditkillers.com

Be sure to check out the "How we make a carbon debit" slide show. Now if only they could do that to a hippie, they'd be billionaires.
Word of the Day is: TOLERANCE

Yes, tolerance. Dictionary defines "a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry."

Liberals define "Hurry up and enlist in the Army, I want to see you chased and shot at. And maybe beheaded on video for us to see. ...I will laugh while eating my v...
veggie burger."

Tolerance, the Word of the Day. Google It!
By DarkUrthe
What was it that Mr. Levy said about liberals being the least liberal types of people?
By Chuckabutty
Hunting for food is fine. Terrorizing an animal and causing such injuries for three hours is not. And bragging about it everywhere got them some shit. What else did the assholes expect? They are nobody's heroes.
By DarkUrthe
Chuckavbutty, that is not even a clever idiot trap.
By DarkUrthe
Do animal lovers practice animal husbandry or do they just date the animals and never commit?
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
(Dark...just had to let you know that I chuckled uncontrollably for about 2 minutes there...well played...carry on)
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
"Hunting for food is fine. Terrorizing an animal and causing such injuries for three hours is not."

Then send the carcass to Darfur. It would be more aid than George Clooney gives.
By jd nyc
I agree with the thesis but what does Scrabble have to do it?
By calgrammy
The animal lovers really don't love animals, they hate humans. The world would be a better place without humans kind of thinking. PETA would be a good start. I have 666 in my double secret send code,hmmm. Connection with Satan and The DG?
By Sean T. Collins
I'm one of these horrible vicious people-hating vegetarians you guys all seem so familiar with, and as such it's not the kid hunting that bothers me--if people want to eat what they hunt, that's fine. It's that it took the animal three hours to die after it had been shot eight times, while competent hunters looked on so that the kid could finish the job. We're not talking The Deer Hunter here...
By Cracajac
i hate veggie's especially veggie's that do not understand its my FREEDOM to eat animal meat jus like it's their girlfriend's freedom to swallow my meat,kinda like a oxymoron veggie lovin girl that loves my meat but not animal meat.

can we say cannibalism.
By MoxArgon
I shouldn't be surprised at how those who decry any "violence" against tasty animals will gladly threaten or even harm humans.

I say we process that hog and send it to the Middle East as a peace offering. I call it SAUSAGE FOR SAUDIS.
By dustrider
Get a few more porkers that size and they could carpet bomb Iran if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad starts ratcheting up that talk about deploying nukes in the Middle East again.
By lizard boy
Got my first shotgun for Christmas when I was 12. I applaud this kid's dad for teaching his son about nature, guns, and hunting.

That said I am not a fan of hunting preserves because they are usually fenced and under-sized; this one was 2500 acres. I also don't understand pistol hunting, because you want to bring the animal down as quickly as possible.

Overall, he gets a C+.
By veganvamp
I am vegan. I believe I have the right to carry a gun. I am not naive enough to be a pacifist. I am not a liberal pinko. I do not drive a Prius. I am not angry or a stinky hippie. I am not even what you would consider an ecologist. I do not hate humans. And, I hate PETA.

I believe in the rights of animals and am a proponent of the abolitionist movement.

Not all vegans are the stereotype.
By Jim Treacher
Another stereotype is that vegans don't have a sense of humor...
By DarkUrthe
Veganvamp, abolitionists are against slavery (typically a pre-civil war term as the Republican, President Lincoln freed the slaves). Or a person wanting to abolish laws that are harmful to society.

11 year olds, lawfully shooting pigs and then using said meat for food does not fall under either category but in the most whacky, humorless, pinko prerogotive.

By DarkUrthe
Jim, ironically vegans are funny despite possessing little inherant humor. Otherwise why do we laugh at their idiocies?
By veganvamp
Oh, I don't think I would be a loyalist to Red Eye if I didn't have a sense of humor. Are you assuming that I am sitting in my angry chair beating the crap out of the keyboard?

Mr. Treacher and DarkUrthe, humor and dialogue about differing points of view do not have to be an either/or. And, I am speaking to abolition vs. welfarist theory as it relates to veganism (Google it).

By veganvamp
C'mon folks, I don't really care about converting. Just offering a different POV. It's all good. Well, not really. But, you know. :)
By Jim Treacher
"Mr. Treacher and DarkUrthe, humor and dialogue about differing points of view do not have to be an either/or."

By DarkUrthe
That is Mr Darkurthe to you pal.

And Veganism just sounds dirty.
By veganvamp
Sorry, Mr. DarkUrthe.

And, veganism IS so very filthy. Remember, none of us bathe. And, the women don't shave armpits which just complicates the situation. LOL
By DarkUrthe
Veganvamp, I read a few snippets of your requested Googling...

Personally I am a soilan.

Absulutely no plants should be eaten. Did you know more plants are used in increasingly horrific ways over the last 200 years. They should not be property, they should be free.
By Frank J.
Treacher, you make me laugh with your funny joke telling.
By jd nyc

By VilisConsilium
Sorry, PETA people, but the veggie movement is just a denial of nature. Including humans. If the "veggies" really believed in what they`re preaching, they`d be supporting global warming so that those evil polar bears would die off instead of eating those poor innocent baby seals...Oh, what`s the old joke "I`m a member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals".
By lizard boy
Veganvamp, don't listen to the naysayers. There's nothing wrong with not eating meat. And if you're not gonna eat that pork chop, I'd sure hate to see it go to waste; I'll even throw in a new keyboard.
By Texas Bob
Yes yes! Treacher funny man! Ha ha laughing so hard now. Tears my eyes making come out! Stomach hurting me much is!


I'd like to see some of those vegan pig-killer haters join the Army. So I could torture them and send them on suicide missions. Unfortunately, after 21 years in the Army I still haven't met a vegan.

By PBurns
See >> terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2007/06/how-big-pig.html for what the skull looks like when sized next to the original photograph of the pig. Photo hoax revealed.

More on all this at terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2007/05/hogzilla-ii-terrific-hunting-story-or.html Bottom line: a canned hunt on 150 acres of not-so-mythical sized pig.


By natesnake
Fun Vegan Fact:

Vegan farts are the most toxic substance on earth.
By natesnake
.50 cal would have been reasonable for a boar half it's size (which is still a huge ass boar). Unless they knew an animal that large was going to be shot, I don't fault the kid for needing to shoot 8 times. That's a lot of fat, blubber, meat, and cartilege, to reach the vitals. Who knows, the heart on that thing may have been the size of a basketball.

By natesnake
A .300 cal magnum would have been a better choice (if they knew the size of the animal) and may have still taken more than a few shots to kill it.
By OtisWild
I prefer Soylent Cola...

And all you need to know about veganism:



www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=sponsor (NOT an ad, I promise!!)
By veganvamp
DarkUrthe...you're right about the plants. I converted to a breatharian 1/2 hour ago. But, oh no, those poor air molecules.

natesnake...you are right about the fun fact.

OtisWild...great links. :)
By natesnake
"natesnake...you are right about the fun fact."

I've had more than one bring tears to my eyes. Healthy people should not be able to make a smell like that.
By veganvamp


Just be glad you're not a guest at my house.

I have a sticker that reads "I am vegan and I poop at least three times a day."

By DarkUrthe
Veganvamp, that was a great riff.
By lizard boy
"...at least three times a day."

I don't have the time or sufficient magazine subscriptions to be a vegan.
By Jim Treacher
"Yes yes! Treacher funny man! Ha ha laughing so hard now. Tears my eyes making come out! Stomach hurting me much is!"

There's no need for sarcasm. Wait, what am I saying? Of course there is.
By veganvamp
"I don't have the time or sufficient magazine subscriptions to be a vegan."

You could just multi-task by taking the laptop into the bathroom.
By Chuckabutty
Quote DarkUrthe: "Personally I am a soilan."

Vegans don't wear leather. Cotton is a plant, therefore Soilans must not wear cotton. No undies? You no eat my shorts?


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