12:32pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the AP


By BiggusDickus
All that spamming and all he could net was mil? He's waiting for the rest to arrive by DHL from Nigeria . . .
By MoxArgon
I'm there are folks, who shall remain nameless, who are upset over losing their premium source of penile enlargement information.
By OtisWild
Bloody Vikings..
By Thummy
I like how they're using his full name "Robert Alan Soloway", like he's a dangerous assassin.
By mojo__
How many thousand counts of feloniously breaking into other people's computers and corrupting/deleting/modifying the data contained therein?

Botnet owner/operators should be shot.

And yes, I AM serious.
By natesnake
Is it wrong to wish prison rape on someone?
By jd nyc
it's definitely better than wishing them dead - this way, they have to suffer first
By DarkUrthe
Talk about SPAM in a can...
By latebar7803
Is it too late to suggest intro's for Red Eye if not here is mine. Redeye: It's like anal sex without the lube.
By dustrider
I really need to start compiling a list of the most ludicrous first and last names on e-mail spam that are sent out, as if the recipient is actually going to open a message from (and these are just from today's spam) "Ligaya Goon", "Murugan Mihailvos", "dulsea sibyl", or my favorite, "Геленджик" (or anything else in Cyrillic).

By Nilbog
If you enjoy seeing spammers (specifically Nigerian 419ers) get scammed, check out 419eater.com. Check the letters archive for a blow by blow humiliation of some very worthy victims.
By Right...
So this if the fucker who has been loading up my inboxes. Don't mind the porn invites but the E.D. adds are kind of scaring me.

By saltydog
Are you sure he wasn't working for the F.B.I.?
By DarkUrthe
You would think ED SPAM and pr0n SPAM would be mutually incompatible... sp@mm3rs n33d t3h b3tt3r qual1ty ctrl.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
"no headline-writing ability" ?????????

"You've Got Jail!" is BRILLIANT

It worked on so many levels...mainly 2...but still...A+, 2 extra-gold stars (neutron, not dwarf), 100 bonus points, and the warming comfort that you're a hero to a mesosexual dandyprat from Berkeley with a Bachelor's Degree in Ancient Greek Intercrural Pederasty.
By DarkUrthe
I'll bet there will be a Nigerian 419 scam based off his arrest...
By lizard boy
For a hilarious book on Nigerian spammers see:


Limfoma Mbweebwee is thanking you too very much.
By DarkUrthe
You'd think everyone was dropping dead of cancer rather than AIDS...
By VilisConsilium
I'm just wondering how many spam sniffing dogs it took for the bust that led to that picture...

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