12:32pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Big Lord Fauntleroy
...we're well on our way to the Armageddon...so you should probably just save your strength. I'm pretty sure you're going to need it, too, because I've seen the Devil, and she's one GIANT Sam-Adam's-drinking lesbian.
By OtisWild
Whining isn't sexy.

Just ask Maureen Dowd.
By jd nyc
Dear G-d,

For all the times that I've prayed for a 'Selective' Away Message setting, I now understand that You were not simply ignoring me; if YOU don't even have it, I'm ashamed to have asked.

Please forgive me for ever doubting You or feeling that you`d abandoned me!

PS Do you have Bill Gates` direct #?

By DarkUrthe
I keep sending messages to dog. Either I am dyslexic or sending messages to the devil.
By Nilbog
jd nyc,

you shameless goldigger. G-d is not the only one who sees through your comment. You're dumping Him for the one man who makes more many than Him.

By YankMyCheney
Big Lord eats lesbians for breakfast.
By OtisWild
Find me a redheaded, green-eyed and freckled 5'10" 120lb lesbian and I'd eat her for breakfast lunch and dinner...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
...beats yankin your cheney.
By lizard boy
Fight! Fight!
By jd nyc
You know you want to!
By jd nyc

You dare question my sincerity as I attempt to be of service to the Holy One, Blessed be He! He`s got enough to think about & it's the least that Gates could do for all that he`s been blessed with!

But the ‘shameless goldigger` [sic] thing was way over the line!

Just for that, I think I deserve a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape – exactly which estates do you have in your collection?

By lizard boy
Nah. Its AC. I've missed him.

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