12:17pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By DarkUrthe
Affleck has only said one smart thing ever. And that was (I paraphrase): Wouldn;t it be eaier tro train astronauts to be oil riggers than oil riggers to be astronauts?
By Nilbog
Thank God for Fred Thompson who seems to be official now. He eats pieces of shit like Affleck for breakfast.

wait, that didn't come out right, Fred never eats shit.

Please don't kill me Fred Thompson...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
I'm just amazed he had the self-control not to accuse McCain of treason for funding the war and insist he be shot in the head on the battlefield like he did last year, or "prove" that it was actually Giuliani that blew up tower 7.

Equally amazed that he didn't randomly start paddling Bill Maher.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
...& what's this about pot-smoking kettle-heads?
By Thummy
He's just mad that Malibu Barbie prefers real men.
By dustrider
He's just angling for the open chair on "The View".
By jd nyc
Greg -

This is exactly why you SHOULD write movie reviews!!
By Allen Smithee
NO, NO, NO! Curse you, Woman!!

ahem...heh, heh...I mean...um...I'm sure Greg's WAY too busy for that!

yeah, that's it - busy, busy Greg

(oh, please please please please please)
By cutter
Oh, come on, Affleck get props for playing the Asshole From Fashionable Male in Mallrats. During the final few scenes, when Silent Bob manages to get the tape of AHFFM having sex with the 15 year-old to play in public, one really gets the sense that Ben isn't acting at all. "Yeah, who's your favorite New Kid. Yeah, call me Joey. Oh, come on. Call me Donnie. Oh, girl. Oh, please don't go girl...
By DarkUrthe
Didn't AHFFM like having sex with girls in Volkswagons?
By jakewashere
Ben Affleck hasn't done anything noteworthy since THE VOYAGE OF THE MIMI.
By conehead
Let's give Bennie-Boy some respect. After all, he did avoid marriage to a woman crazier than he is in spite of being one-half of "Bennifer".
By el polacko
ben gets all squirmy lookin' at romney's pretty mouth. and here he thought that was all in his past since matt took off for greener pastures with george and brad... sigh.
By PowWow
Affleck's just another pretty boy with no original thought in his empty head. Hope he gets "behind" someone soon. Worked wonders for Gore and Kerry.
By VilisConsilium
Oh, come on, didn`t you see "Pearl Harbor"? You know damn well you were rooting for the Japanese Imperial Navy to just make it stop. Oh, wait, that explains Affleck`s politics...Then again, my sister said it best "I wonder how much money Jerry Bruckheimer had to pay in royalties to James Cameron for this load of crap". And Affleck owes Kevin Smith big time. Gut should do movie reviews!
By Right...
Ben Affleck... Now there's a real fucking brain trust.
By New Mormon
I don't need these people's "liberals" tolerance. "liberals" are anything, but tolerant.

If something is "suspect" he should be a man and say it or at least have the respect to ask the proper questions.
By New Mormon
I hope some missionaries visit Bum Affleck.

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