12:19pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the Psychology Today


By Nilbog
All you fine ladies out there looking for a cure for the blues, just a note to let you all know that Dr. Feelgood here has got the cure for what ails you. I'm on call 24/7 and delivery is free with a complimentary bottle of wine.
By YankMyCheney
Did you just call Greg gay, Jim? Careful, antichrist was banned for that. I think Greg is more of a midget. Has anyone noticed that he is the only one standing on his show, yet he is still the shortest?
By conehead
And swallowing it is supposed to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Talk about a miracle tonic. And just to think that gallons of this amazing elixir go down shower drains every day. This must be some sort of post-feminist self loathing.
By jd nyc
Goblin -

what kind of wine?
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
I think this also solves our "grumpy lesbian" mystery.

Good work New York taxpayers!
By snakesnarrows
No wonder my girlfriend looks euphoric during when getting the money shot.
By DarkUrthe
I'll bet Gordon G. Gallup, Ph.D. was happiest of all during the field study phase of this project...
By ZeldaC
Maybe if I mix it with jelly and spread it on my toast...
By Texas Bob
I thought it was a typo when I read that the university was looking for female students willing to serve as panel members to sit on the Dr Gallup Pole.
By tootsie
i wont comment on the "theory" (confounding factors are involved, e.g., sex addiction.) However, i've always maintained that when semen is injected into a woman, it doesnt stop at the uterine walls, but continues up to the female brain, and makes you temporarily insane.
By Texas Bob



Village People

Hmmm. Coincidence?

You're the leather man, aren't you?
By natesnake
Super White Stuff!!!

It cures headaches, nasea, sore throats, acne, PMS, rashes, sunburn, dandruff, insomnia, wrinkles, hic-ups, rug burn, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and is the best skin softener in the history of the universe!

Look for it in the white can!

Super White Stuff!!!

***may cause vomitting when mixed with alchohol***
By Thummy
Will the happy feeling last through an STD screening?
By Right...
Is this really a Gallup poll... Or a "Gulp" Poll?

By wankette
"Semen makes you happy."

May be the grossest pickup line ever.
By DarkUrthe
Zelda, that would be vegimite.
By mcaffrey
Treach, HuffPo reformatted their site this week, and now GG's "secret blog" shows on the top of his normal blog. It lost its secret subversive coolness and should now be destroyed.
By ZeldaC
"...that would be vegimite."

Yes, indeed. That stuff is so foul, I can't even joke about it.
By Nilbog
jd nyc -

I'm partial to reds from the Rhone valley - Chateuneuf de Pape, Vaqueras, Cote du Rhone - Spanish Reds and Syrahs from OZ or Chile. CA makes plenty of nice ones too, but most good ones are overpriced.
By Lori_Z
Well, this explains Rosie's depression problem.
By el polacko
does it have to be someone else's semen or can one self-serve his way to happiness ??
By conehead
Nilbog...how do you feel about a nice Thunderbird?
By Nilbog
Feh... I've always been a German car guy. I'll take a '72 Porsche 911S over any T-bird.
By jd nyc
Nilbog -

Damn you and your good taste!

I'll bet every one of those meet my 2 basic criteria:

must be in a bottle AND have a cork

but what's all that Appellation business about? I didn't know they grew grapes in them there mountains

By SimianWarhead
Just a reminder fellas- if you pick up some strange and she says "you don't have to wear one of those" she really means "you should wear two or three and start the penicillin regimen with breakfast".
By marty1499
I think we can corrolate the rise of the women's movement with the begining of the widespread use of condoms.

We just weren't doing it for the chicks anymore.
By greyracer
this is a very interesting investigation, as I can see that it might hold some valid truth. As a woman in her 40's, I tend to need more sex from my husband, otherwise I go into a horrible tirade that noone wants to see!

Wow, I think I'm cured, thank you DAILY GUT!!

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