12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By natesnake
That's a good look for Rosie. Her stylist should be commended.
By natesnake
I can't quite make out what she's drinking. It looks like some kind of hippy-brew. Damn hippies.

Pete's Wicked Ale perhaps?
By Jim Treacher
Sam Adams.
By natesnake
Sam Adams?

Damn hippy beer.
By PowWow
I can't believe after so many months of pickng fights with everyone from Kelly Ripa to Trump to Elisabeth, one time Elisabeth fights back and she's playing the pour me victim card. How old is she 12? I know that's her IQ, but still.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
...actually...if she's acting like a 12 year old, and she's actually 45, her I.Q. would be 27. Gotta give credit where credit is due...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Aside from ~50,000 being an "unprecedented" number of civilian casualties in the history of war, both of my favorite snippets came from her sidekick (Jamie Lee Curtis?)...

"I don't understand people's lack of comprehension"

"Veni...vidi.......uh" ...or was that "Veni...V.D."

Definitely a Julius Caesar moment...it was just so obvious, though. Kind of took away from the profundity of it...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
By dustrider
She does have a look on her face like she just got dumped by the hot chick in her college dorm. Too bad the Sex for Sam thing fell apart or she could drown her sorrows in her favorite beer and stoke her anti-Christian feelings by going out and having drunk sex in a cathedral.

By cutter
Tennessee Tuxedo called. He wants his sidekick back.
By SouthofthePark
Is that Mr. Spock next to Rosie? I'm such a big fan! "Live Long, and Prosper...." \\//
By YankMyCheney
I think Rosie's point to Elizabeth was that she is not against the troops, Bush is, at least the American ones anyway.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Funny thing...I thought her point was that she's a completely self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-congratulatory, hypocrit who has complete disregard for reality and all-around-not-being-ithyphallic.

I bet Bush really does hate American troops, though, just like FDR, Lincoln, James Madison, and George Washington. I bet he eggs them on Memorial Day and burns the flags over their graves.
By YankMyCheney
Hey Big, that tends to be your point too.

Bush does not burn flags, he burns Iraqi's.
By wankette
"he burns Iraqi's"...

Who is this poor "Iraqi", and what does she have worth burning?
By snakesnarrows
The thing I never understood in all of this chaos is how come nobody calls Rosie out on her numbers of dead Iraqi's and whether or not she considered it OK that Saddam killed nearly a million people of his own that we know of and how many millions of Iranians in that war? Would she have been against U.S. action against Germany? I mean Saddam was a huge dictator who tortured and killed tons of peo...
By snakesnarrows
Also wanted to add the fact of Bush's war dead. Has he really executed a total failure of a war? Iraq has a new government freely elected, their economy is turning around big time, and the amount of soldiers dead in this war compared to WW 1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam etc...is nowhere near that catastrophe that everyone makes it out to be. Everyone expects immediate endings to wars these days and forg...
By mcaffrey
Rosie buys the delusion peddled by our enemies that the American presence in Iraq is what causes the bloodshed. If only the Americans would leave then the fighting would stop.

Of course, our enemies want us to leave - we keep killing their soldiers, and they want to be able to terrorize their populace in peace.

Abandoning Iraq will result in more dead Iraq's.
By DarkUrthe
I hate to admit it, but I never thought I woudl see the day where I found two webcamming lesbians not hot.
By DarkUrthe
What the gell is Bill doing there with Rosie? And who did his make-up?
By DarkUrthe
I thought lesbians lapped up beer from a goblet?

(thanks to Rachel for imparting the hairy goblet on Red Eye viewers)
By Dr. Morbius
"...Of course, our enemies want us to leave - we keep killing their soldiers, and they want to be able to terrorize their populace in peace.

Abandoning Iraq will result in more dead Iraq's."

Elegant in its simplicity, eminently logical, and therefore an argument that is utterly incomprehensible to the Left.

Kudos to you, mcaffrey...
By Dr. Morbius
"I bet he eggs them on Memorial Day and burns the flags over their graves."

Let's not forget the lovingly hand-made swastika flags used to replace the American ones.

I'm normally a peaceful man, but if I ever catch some sonofabitch messing with my father's grave, I will exercise MY freedom of speech by ripping off their head and shitting down their neck...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Nazis OUT!

Hippies OUT!

Morons OUT!

Socialists OUT!
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
"...he burns Iraqis."


By Big Lord Fauntleroy

...if you want a reality check, you can debate me on my blog:

By Texas Bob
This bloated sack of protoplasm gets waaaay to much media coverage. I'm betting it won't be long before she mysteriously explodes while docking in New Jersey. Oh, the humanity!
By YankMyCheney
Hey Big, I checked out your blog. I'm the one who called you a retard, although I used my real name.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
You seem incredibly intelligent; I bet you read a ton of Nietzche and don't even know how to pronounce his name (in case you can't follow, the implication is that you probably don't understand a single thing he's writing about).

I will, however, give you 2 bonus points for a clever email address.
By el polacko
what's the difference between a whale and a lesbian ?

.. about 25 pounds and a plaid shirt.
By SimianWarhead
Ugh. Somebody send her a fresh rag on a stick. I know the technology doesn't exist yet, but I swear I could smell that "sour towel" stench through my monitor.
By Johnny Corvette
I tried to watch the video but threw up a little in my mouth and had to stop.
By saltydog
And to think that the same people who watch her complain about torture. Masochists.

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