12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Skip Harpman
The Superior Mother / Mother Superior of the Surrender Now crowd may now have time to arrange for a headstone for her heroic son. He represents all that is good about our people. She represents the rest. Get along home, Cindy, Cindy; get along home.
By DarkUrthe
There is a certain sad irony that Casey Sheehan sacrificed his life so his mother could afford the right to shit on her country.
By DarkUrthe
Aw Cindy, why the long face?
By PowWow
Much respect for Casey and his service. As for all who serve. How awesome to lose Cindy and Rosie at the same time. Do question the Memorial Day timing though. Also feel sorry for the "family she's going to reconnect with".
By DarkUrthe
Cindy Sheehan loves this country in the same exact way that Hugo Chavez embraces democracy.
By natesnake
"What she found, she wrote, was a movement "that often puts personal egos above peace and human life."

There's the money quote. Congrats St. Cindy, you've just categorized the entire liberal movement.

By wankette
In her blog she referred to America as a "fascist state"...and now she's returning home to Vacaville, CA...which, correct me if I'm wrong (geography never was my strong suit), happens to be part of said fascist state. Seriously, why doesn't she just bunk down with Danny Glover on the Chavez ranch??

And, p.s., God bless you Casey Sheehan.
By BiggusDickus
Huh? No more coin? Cindy can always sell that house she bought in Crawford next to W's place.

Naw, wait . . . I know what's gonna happen: GWB, in a moment of turn-the-other-cheek Christian charity will buy the house from her and LET HER LIVE IN IT, as long as she allows Mexican transients the other two bedrooms . . .

Anxious to see if Dennis Miller modifies his sympathetic position.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
By dustrider
Well, Hugo does have a lot of free air time on Venezuelan TV right now. Maybe Cindy could get a nightly two-hour block and become either South America's female cross between Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, or the star of a new show called "Cindy La Fea".
By wankette
sorry about that, blfaunt...the grief over this whole Lohan thing must've made me lose my mind. Won't happen again.
By salvator m
since anna nicole assumed room temperature a while ago, why not have cindy be the star of the next reality show in which cameras follow around a mentally unstable woman?
By SouthofthePark
I'm not fooled. I'm sure she'll be on Keith Olberstank tonight. And then the next day...and the next...and the next...then there will be an interview in the New York Times, Time Magazine covers to do, an honorary doctorate from Berkeley, and then the commencement speeches, not to mention the statue that will be built in her honor at UW.
By YankMyCheney
"... unappealing narcissism behind her ramblings ..."

That describes what we all like best about this site. Jim, perhaps you could re-phrase some of what she has said into something you agree with, unless of course you fully agree with Gut's War on Iraqis.
By ZeldaC
She lost my sympathy when she called her son's murderers freedom fighters.'

Maybe now she'll have time to help Hugo forge his Workers' Paradise.
By Jim Treacher
"She lost my sympathy when she called her son's murderers freedom fighters."

Well, they freed him from her...
By jd nyc

but it is a relief - her honorable son must be exhausted from spinning in his grave for the last couple of years

Rest In Peace, Casey! ...Finally...

By jd nyc
although I can't shake the feeling that it's just another stunt (like when Ashton Kutcher 'cancelled' Punked so he could continue to catch people off-guard - who didn't see through that??)

alternate title suggestion: The "Lady" Doth Protest Too Much
By DarkUrthe
Wankette, I do not think Cindy thinks facism means what facism really means...
By DarkUrthe
Casey Sheehan was killed by a facist who wanted the same power his father had.

That man is Mutada al Sadr.
By DarkUrthe
Jim, that is perhaps the meanest and funniest thing I have ever read. I still hold the reigns on the most offencive statement ever however...
By DarkUrthe
Cindy Sheehan said: "(a movement) that often puts personal egos above peace and human life."

Her's and her son's...
By DarkUrthe
BLF, Hugo loves democracy so much that he can't possible share it with anyone.

By jd nyc

"...I still hold the reigns on the most offencive statement ever however..."

even though I'm relatively new here, I'm embarrassed to say that I missed it!

would you mind reposting?

(I love a challenge) ;-)

By Dr. Morbius
In a perfect world, Cindy would finally come to terms with the loss of her son and realize that she had simply been a tool of people who used her grief and guilt to further their own agendas, and that the best way to make Casey's sacrifce mean something was to support the effort to make Iraq the world's first true Arab democracy.

But this ain't no perfect world... is it?
By ZeldaC
"Well, they freed him from her..."

True. And in spite of his mother's betrayal, he is probably resting in peace.

By Texas Bob
Cindy who?
By tootsie
Just heard that Cindy will replace Rosie-O on The View!!!
By DarkUrthe
JDNYC, if I posted it here Treach's hair's would stand on end and I would be banned. It isn;t bragging so much as self preservation on this one.
By YankMyCheney
Hey Dark, that is a bunch of crap. I only know of one who has been banned from here, and that is antichrist. He was the king of offensive. You don't even know what the word means. You could not get banned from this site on your worst day.

You know you want to YANK it!
By ThePimento
So, she said "Goodbye America." Does that mean she's leaving the country? One would only hope.
By mojo__
Meh. This whack job went over her 15 minutes a couple of years ago. Whatever sympathy I had for her loss (not that much, honestly.) is long exausted.

Piss off, Cindy.
By DarkUrthe
YMCa, your blathering is only surpassed by your ego.
By el polacko
damn ! and i thought for sure she was going to be able to save us all from ourselves. and after all she sacrificed... like that brunch that one day. oh well. i guess it's for the best. now she can retire to the country she loves: venezuela !
By jd nyc
DarkUrthe, you clever, clever bastard!

A show of consideration for Jim is quite possibly the ONLY bulletproof response - must respect the Treacher at all times!

Based on some of things that you DO post, it must be.....

oh, uh...I concede! I concede!

By YankMyCheney
That was an unsitely display of cocksucking jd.
By jd nyc
well, I guess you would know

you'll just have to pardon my sloppy execution, not all of us have your level of expertise

exactly how many years did you spend as the '10-bucks-a-blow' guy in the Port Authority mens' room to get where you are today?
By jd nyc
PS "unsitely" is not a word

from a SMART person, I might think it was a play on words like un-site-ly - as in: not worthy of a website of this caliber - but I can't imagine that would ever apply in your case

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