12:17pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Silly Jim...don't you know that the gays aren't allowed to be anything more than witty sidekicks...look no further than the Schultzter...

By the by, "you took it right out of my mouth" and "it's very, very hard" would have gotten much better laughs (along with creepy responses from Bill) had he been entendreing on Red Eye.
By dustrider
Well, that was a transition from a post about the words from a man's man to a post about ... well, about the words from a man's man, I guess. Wonder if there are any videos of Charles out there voicing similar statements as Mitchum.

By RickyBobby
Charles is .... IN THE BAG!

Oh, wait...that was Paul Lynde.

They both will be missed.

BTW, the Celebrity Match Game team would've beat the pants off of the Hollywood Squares team in softball. Just sayin....
By Mark V.
Farewell, Jose Chung.
By ikilledrosie
I'm wondering what kinds of conversations are being had between Mr. Reily and Mr. Falwell, now that they both have some time on their hands.
By Jim Treacher
He was great as Jose Chung! I liked the sequel even better, which is pretty much the only episode of Millennium I can remember.
By DarkUrthe
CNR was a staple of my childhood (and now adult) TV viewing... I religiously watch Match Game. Even today it is funny, which is something no other gameshow (heck most TV shows) has figured out before or sence..

I also play dead or alive Match Game and try to figure out who is still living from the panel...
By DarkUrthe
Burt Reynolds must be crying in his toupee right now...
By DarkUrthe
CNR dies and Richard Dawson yet lives...
By jd nyc
as much as it annoys me to say anything good about Alec Balwin, he's done a damn fine CNR impression on SNL - not mean-spirited, more like a tribute

By Shannan
I loved him as Hoodoo on Lidsville in the 70's. My mom used to bribe me to NOT do the CNR laugh.

So sad.
By Shannan
And a little bit of trivia... did you know CNR was the voice for Dale's dad the gay rodeo bullrider on King of the Hill?
By jd nyc
hmmm....I'm sensing a theme here
By Texas Bob
I remember thinking what a funny and odd guy he was when I was a kid. He was always enjoyable to watch. Farewell Charles.
By DarkUrthe
TB, Indeed.
By YankMyCheney
I know the teletubbies are gay because I suck their cocks.

Yank my Cheney, go on, you know you want to, YANK IT!
By YankMyCheney
Has Gut taken a cue from Rosie and resigned? The quality here has gone down recently, way down. And why has fox removed Red Eye from the weekend? That was when I watched it. Has anyone been catching the Fox 1/2 Hour News Hour recently? I try, but I keep pucking.

Here is something everyone might enjoy.

By Allen Smithee
re: "I know the teletubbies are gay because I suck their cocks"

wouldn't that make YOU the gay one?

just askin'

By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Doesn't that depend on what the definition of the word "is" is.

...just can't wait to get those crazy Clintons back in the White House.
By DarkUrthe
Yank, you need a hobby beyond rapid dailing and trolling.
By Jim Treacher
CNR was also the "Bic Banana." Which I guess was in keeping with the trend!
By DarkUrthe
It is sad well rounded entertainers like CNR or even Gene Rayburn just don't seem to have a place in modern showbiz... assuming they were still alive...

Which is why I love Japanese (and other Asian) celebs, that seem to do a lot of different things.
By wankette
Oooh...Lidsville!! I think I remember all of the words to that theme song. How proud my parents must be...

jd nyc -- one of the best SNL sketches, ever, was Baldwin as CNR being interviewed by Farrell as James Lipton. You're right -- pure affection. (.."you are my most divine creation!") I believe I actually coughed up a lung.

Here's to Charles & his most frequent answer: "Boobs!"
By snakesnarrows
I will miss CNR. He is one of the last "cocktail" game show members that was still hanging with us. Burt Convy, Gene Rayburn, Paul Lynne... a who's who of who I would want to hang out with and drink into the wee hours of the night drinkin some jack and coke with.

CNR was a class act.
By DarkUrthe
Didn't CNR also play Cornelius in Planet of the Apes?
By Texas Bob
DarkUrthe, I thought that was Roddy McDowall? But you had to love him in his recurring role as Claymore Gregg on the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. And who could forget Love American Style? Truer than the red, white and blue...

By CursedFrogurt
RIP Charles.

BTW, did his glasses get bigger or did his head get smaller?
By DarkUrthe
Texas Bob, damn you, now I have that song in my head... time to find it and put it into my MP3 player withe The Fall Guy themesong.

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