12:20pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the TMZ


By Plastik
Did the Big fat brutish dyke get verbally and idealogically whipped the skinny little half pint hetero blonde... Poor Rosie.

I'll bet she just can't show her face anywhere anymore, except between her girlfriends thighs. I'll miss her foul fugly ass-like face spread across the headlines.... NOT!

By jd nyc
"I'll bet she just can't show her face anywhere anymore"

can't? ...doubtful

SHOULDN'T? ...years overdue
By ZeldaC
Rosie has one of those images that is best suited to radio. Now if they can only build a big enough studio.....
By dustrider
Let's see how fast it takes the backlash to degenerate to the point that special interest groups will be calling on the New York Giants to replace their third-string quarterback because of his wife's bigoted, hateful and hurtful remarks.

By Dan Collins
The most annoying fifth-grade Ph.D. asinine preening pretender to wisdom, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, has pronounced otherwise. themoderatevoice.com/entertainment/13047/rosie-odonnelltoo-big-in-many-ways-barbara-walters-as-mouse/ The Aesop of Insipidity.
By Dan Collins
Mire, Elisabetta--listen to the universal abuelita: calmate, chica, for the good of the little one who grows inside of you. Tranquilate, bueita. Feel the muy buena onda that pulses from within you to connect itself the the Universal. Listen to the wise old ruca strega nonna madonna azteca hakuna matata loca tortilla mulatta!
By Lamontyoubigdummy
It's not funny anymore guys. We need to show the O'Donnell family some respect...

After Ro left the studio some 11 yr old kid from Alabama shot her dead.

By SouthofthePark
Rosie is a fat pig and a Loser! A Loser! She's fat and she's a slob! She's fat! Sorry, Mr. Trump told me to post that....
By dustrider
BTW -- Elizabeth's TV career is toast after this, since she violated her prescribed role of being the Alan Colmes of "The View" by simply sitting there mouthing mushy conservative opinions and then allowing Rosie and Joy to verbally beat the tar out of her. Homeless Charlie has a better chance of being on TV a year from now.

By jd nyc
Roger Ailes has been calling her everyday!

it's been alleged that the reason Rachel wasn't on last night's show was because Ailes needed someone to 'keep an eye on her' so he went with his in-house expert


By mcaffrey
dustrider -

I doubt Elizabeth is worried too much about her career future. She is rich and beautiful, and her B-list fame from being on the View will get her into any party she wants for some time. I bet she'll be quite happy to find an honorable exit from the show in the next few months.
By mcaffrey
Treach, just to toss me a bone, couldn't you throw a big picture of Elizabeth on dailygut just once? I bet you could come up with a clever headline. Possibly alluding to her days on Survivor, or a Highlander "there can be only one" thing.
By DarkUrthe
Yeah Treach... lets see some of that spoon full of sugar rather than the shovel full of crisco.

Sorry, that is insulting.

Crisco is a useful substance for cooking.

Shovel full of dog vomit is more appropriate.
By DarkUrthe
Is there anything Rosie has done that she hasn't beached... I mean run into the ground?
By jd nyc
hey, mcaffrey - no fair!

I just made a Highlander reference elsewhere but since this thread is above it, it's going to look like I copied you!

just to show you my level of commitment to that comment, I then knocked over a bunch of chairs and screamed "DARIUSSSSSSSS" at the top of my lungs


By Jim Treacher
Which one is Elizabeth?
By dustrider
mccaffey --

She may be happy even without a TV show, but there's a dark wave of Hasselbeck Derangement Syndrome shooting out like a tsunami across the entertainment and media world right now. She'll get some spots on Fox and maybe a few other places, but my guess is Barbara's already drawing beards on her photos at the ABC studio.

By jd nyc
Elizabeth Gracen - she played Amanda

Elizabeth Gracen Fun Facts:

- was a former Miss America

- admitted to sleeping with BJ Clinton when he was Governor
By DarkUrthe
Jim, the one who is not fat, old or formerly a man.
By mcaffrey
I'll even recommend a photo for you. I like this one because she has pregnancy boobs.

deansplanet.com/images/celebs/broads/elizabeth_hasselbeck/ elizabeth_hasselbeck-rack_02.jpg

Don't even pretend you didn't follow the link.

By marty1499
This is weird, I know...

But that evil radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr looks an awful lot like Rosie. And he happens to appear just as she disappears...

Where are the Truthers when you need them??
By Plastik
Elizabeth Hasselbeck = I'd hit it..

I'll throw in my .02 and raise ya .02 more.

By Jim Treacher
By VilisConsilium
Hey, Treach, why are you so mean? Are you comparing all those beautiful creatures of nature to Rosie? They didn't do anything to you...
By MoxArgon
But seriously folks...

I fear that Rosie is going to be the new 'martyr' of the Hollywood limo lefty set leading to her own 'all-truther-all-the-time' show with a $40 million paycheck. Hasselbeck will probably be repainted as the 'New Joe McCarthy' for being so mean to Rosie by defending herself.

Rosie played her 'victim card' and that's all that matters to Hollywood.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
She didn't quit!!!

Some kid from Alabama shot her dead:


By ikilledrosie
Rosie O'Donnell is obnoxious, offensive, irritating, a liar, and..um...out of her freakin' mind; but I don't understand what any of that has to do with what she looks like...I mean... John Edwards is pretty.
By DixieKraut
dont you find it interesting that Rosie mysteriously quits the same day this appears: Alabama Boy Kills 1,051-Pound Monster Pig


By JohnFNWayne
At least we now know that John Edwards considers himself uncomfortable around the Rosie. That may be the only thing he has in common with the least-elitist portion of his two Americas
By Tex Lovera
OMG, Treacher!! Give us a heads up when you link to a picture that could melt your corneas on contact!!

Good thing I had my welder's mask on...
By veganvamp
When in the hell did Rosie become worth covering? She is a dismal comic. Mediocre actor. Idiotic host. The only thing she seems to do well is exist as the most obnoxious person ever. If that allows you to gain tabloid status, then I know many people who should be stalked by paparazzi.

And, Treach, please be nice to the animals. They can't help the way they look. Rosie could.
By RickyBobby
Even though Rosie has some hateful & ignorant things to say, I believe it is below this esteemed group to point out:

* her resemblance to large ocean mammals,

* her man-ish attributes

* and the questionable hygiene of her orifices.

Her daily running impersonations of Paul Prudhomme is dead-on and thus she deserves more respect. I also liked her Dom DeLuise, but her PP is just pure magic.....
By DarkUrthe
RickyBobby, she was hillarious in Cannonball Run... till she saved that dog and thus costing his team the grand prize.
By Sodapop
isnt it ironic trumps and rosies tv careers for the moment seemed to end at once lol but i would of prefffered for the donald to have to call her pig vomit instead of just fat pig just a thought just a thought lalalalala
By Sodapop
and bring kiran chetryyyyyyyyyyy to red eyessssssssssssssss ffs.

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By Auhin_
Ding dong, the witch is dead!

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