12:21pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Jim...just got a call from the producers of the View...they want to do your water tank episode in the grand mosque.

I suggested they dress up like the prophet mohammed, but they said that Rosie's very sensitive about beards.
By MoxArgon
So Christians are criminals?

Who runs Saudi Arabia, Wahabbis or Rosie?
By DarkUrthe
I am so glad to see a fine example of the Muslim tolerance Rosie likes to tout.
By ZeldaC
How peaceful.
By matt m.
I don't mean to sound racist or anything, but Middle-Eastern muslims remind me of the Sand People from Star Wars.

Not as smart though.
By lizard boy
This probably belongs in Greg's Unspeakable Truths, but:

Anyone who says "I don't mean to sound racist or anything," really does. They just don't want to be called on it.
By VilisConsilium
Lucky for this dude the Saudi officials found him. If the locals figured it out, well, they bury the dead in one day.
By Cracajac
and they are nice why?
By DarkUrthe
Crackjac, Saudi Arabia is to freedom, modernity and tolerance as to what dog vomit is to food.
By matt m.

Not true. I really didn't mean to sound racist. If I did, I'd say something like, "What's the difference between a large pizza and a Katrina refugee? Answer: The large pizza can feed a family of four."

By lizard boy
Yeah, well, maybe a real pizza. Not one of those goofy ham and pineapple things.
By matt m.
Those "goofy" ham and pineapple pizzas are part of a rich Hawaiian culinary tradition, wiseguy. Just because they have funny eyes and they speak weird oogabooga-talk doesn't mean you can go making fun of their pizzas. Now who's the racist!??
By lizard boy
So solly.
By Texas Bob
Oh for the love of...

Bashing Muslims does NOT = racism.

Muslim = practitioner of Islam

Islam = a religion

people who think Muslim/Islam is a race = fucktard


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