12:23pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the NYT


By jd nyc
no mention of cat/dog hybrids???

$10 to anyone who spots Fluffy McNutters anywhere in the article!
By JenJen

Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.
By DarkUrthe
Man, thanks for outing the plot for my Dungeons and Dragons game this week.

Now I will just have to run Keep On The Borderlands.... again.
By DarkUrthe
Is the horn ribbed for her pleasure?
By Dan Collins

You call THAT a tusk?
By MoxArgon
And some narwhals say:

"It ain't the size of the tusk but the motion you give the ocean that matters."

They're never believed, but they say it anyways.
By DarkUrthe
Where was Rachel last night? I missed the first segment... Samantha did a goog job though, but I think she has a better sence of comic timing... The Gem and the Holograms ref was pretty funny (assuming i was listening right and not imagining...)
By DarkUrthe
I wonder if anyone has ever actually gotten Greg's artwork...
By Jim Treacher
I don't. They haven't.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
But is it because he doesn't send them out, or because nobody emails names in?

I've come up with countless names, 4 of which I've actually, physically patted myself on the back for, but I'm just too proud slash wasted to get on the computer and email them in.
By DarkUrthe
Jim, that just ruins the mystique of the show... getting a Fluffy mcNutter original... that would be better than the cardboaerd Battelstar Galatica Viper playset I saved up UPC codes for when I was 9.

But now... I am crestfallen.
By VilisConsilium
Jd Nyc, Fluffy McNutters is not in the article because he actually exists!
By jd nyc
ok, so Fluffy is male?

or was before Greg's artwork the other night?

now a He/She Cat/Dog Hybrid Hermaphrodite?

oh, great - now I'm suffering from gender-confusion-by-proxy

By VilisConsilium
I don't know if Fluffy is male or female. I respect Fluffy's privacy. Fluffy will tell us when it's time.
By lizard boy
Little too is known of Fluffy's evil twin, Tuffy McNutter, who, it is rumored, killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.
By DarkUrthe
I thought Tuffy killed a man for snoring too loud.

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