12:25pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By veganvamp
Just picture Greg getting a lap dance by a unicorn stripper. Add Fluffy McNutter as cameraman (or is it cameradogcat?), and you\\\'ve got the makings of the best night of his life.
By veganvamp
Sorry about the \\\.

It seems I got a little excited by the post.
By veganvamp
Sorry about the \\\.

It seems I got a little excited by the post.
By DarkUrthe
If you hit a website that has unicorns, strippers and David Hasselhoff Greg might buy you a pony.

By dustrider
Googling "Stripping Unicorns" brings up Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears about five spots from the top.

By veganvamp
Hmmm. I love ponies. The wheels are turning.
By calgrammy
Okay what does the picture have to do with the article? Is it a floor polisher? A sex toy? Or both?
By DarkUrthe
calgrammy, with enough flexibility it could be both...
By DarkUrthe
Is there nothing in the Sears appliace and tools section that can't be made into a sex toy?
By VilisConsilium
I'm really surprised not to see more suction jokes...
By lizard boy
C'mon, Calgranny. You must not be in the Bay area. They'd have a chain of stores.

Favorite models:

The David Brock. Converts dirt to feces.

The Andrew Sullivan. Only picks up hair; made in England.

The Andy Dick. Nuff said.
By HewettPackard
Yeah, Jim they don't they wear pasties in FL?...gotta go to the ATL for the real deal.

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