12:27pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the The Porn Hater


By Shannan
I think it is time for fair and balanced Red Eye and get more hot men on the show (no offense Greg, Andy and Bill). We women need some new red meat. Yes, CIA guy is hot and british marine guy also acceptably cute, but what is with all the old, fat comics? Totally unfair. Boo.
By Dan Collins
Can he get Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the show, before she's too pregnant in the belly but while she's excellent pregnant in the breasts, provided she wears that now-famous dress?

Just a general suggestion.
By Shannan
Oh yeah, since we are on the topic of hotness on the show. Someone tell Bill the shirt he wore on Wed. night\'s show was exactly the same style and color as one my sister gave me as a hand-me-down in the 70\'s. Unless he is wearing a mood ring, has a pet rock, camps out on a bean bag and has a spider plant cradled in a macrame owl hanger... BURN THAT THING.
By Dan Collins
Why would you hang an owl, you twisted pervert?!!!!
By Lori_Z
british marine guy also acceptably cute,

I agree Shannan.

Monday night Red Eye shows are my new porn.
By veganvamp
I am convinced that Bill must have Dissociative Identity Disorder, as evidenced by his apparel. I can't wait to see which persona he chooses to exemplify each night. But, hey, you know what they say about variety...

And, while I think hot men should get equal time, I'll take Mr. Levy.
By DarkUrthe
Jim, when is Michelle Malkin going to be on Red Eye? I think she is the last Fox News babe to not be on the show...
By Mckenzie
Red Eye always has the hottest chicks and I keep waiting for Greg to end the show with my all time favorite television line - "And now, girls jumping on trampolines."
By dustrider
As late as the show is on, maybe some night they can have a special "Fox News Babe Slumber Party" down in the newsroom during Red Eye, though I suppose Andrew would just have to put up with being hit by pillows by lengerie-clad women during the Halftime Report.

By Jim Treacher
"Jim, when is Michelle Malkin going to be on Red Eye?"

As soon as they can slip her a roofie, I guess. Do you really think she'd be comfortable with our favorite degenerates?
By Shannan
Michelle Malkin? I think not. Juliet Huddy, yes. Dennis Miller, yehummmm! Rudy Giuliani in a unicorn costume. Dennis Miller, yehummmm! Oh, I already said that. Ph well, can that be said enough? Nope.
By Shannan
Dan Collins - oThe fact that I am a twisted ervert is beside the point. But thank you for noticing. I can only imagine that you were either too old or too young or on a continuous acid lick in the seventies.

A macrame owl. Hoo are you?
By Right...
How could a network named FOX have anything but hot babes? Especially Juliet Hottie!

By conehead
Continuous acid lick? Could that be why the code in the box actually is starting to make sense?
By Sodapop
By Shannan
The wheels came of Kyran Chetry's wagon long before she left FOX. But now she is happily doing hard hitting news on children missing their fathers because of a new phenom called "divorce" over at CNN.

Successive whippets before 7 am not only bad for your career, they also kill the brain cells that monitor who you marry and have sex with. Chris Knowles????
By DarkUrthe
Jim, Ms Malkin does have a pretty good sense of humor... her comedic bits on hotair have been mostly good.

But a roofie would probably be best if the conversation turns to bestiality, necrophilia or bestaility necrophilia.

And it will.
By DarkUrthe
Shannan, Michelle Malkin I think so.

But what can I say, I have yellow fever.



I am so sleepy.
By SouthofthePark
Isn't Courtney Friel gonna be on soon?
By kookoo4 coco puffs
When is Megyn Kendall going to be on? I think she's hot too, and she can probably woop the wits out of Greg.
By Mckenzie
Megyn Kelly is too hot for Red Eye to handle. She'd turn Greg into a Nuffy Mcflutter.
By VilisConsilium
DarkUrthe, speaking of yellow fever, have you noticed that CNN seems to have a lock on the hot Asian newsbabes? Fox and the lame MSNBC better get on the ball...

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