12:24pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By Big Lord Fauntleroy
I'm pretty sure Rosie is part Octopus and could survive.

Throw in a Bill O'Reilly with scuba gear and semi-automatic, explosive-tipped harpoon-launcher, and you've got a show.
By Nilbog
I'd settle for something as simple as Zarqawi's snuff film. A black and white FLIR image of the studio, a big boom (or two) and some smoking rubble is just fine.
By Jim Treacher
Rosie is visibly mammalian and therefore needs to breathe. Eventually.
By Right...
I am okay with all this except for one thing... I want Elizabeth. Hummmmm
By MoxArgon

And lots of it.

That will make the View watchable.
By Libertine
She seems like she wants to Thelma and Louise off that cliff into full blown dementia...

I am truly gonna miss unstable Mabel. I know my life will be incomplete without her witty, philosophical observations.
By Captain Furious
Did the audience actually applaud when Rosie said "If the enemy is innocent Iraqi civilians, I don't want play that kind of football."?

Innocent civilians?

What the hell is the matter with these people?
By Bill D. Cat
C'mon Jim , boiling OIL man !
By VilisConsilium
I think I know how Rosie argues: she screams and screams her opinion, no matter how wrong it may be, time and time again until she gets her opponent flustered and pissed off. Then she calms down to make her opponent look crazy while they forget what point they were trying to make. Traditional liberal tactic, perfectly executed by Rosie. Doesn`t mean she`s right, and I hope people see that.
By dustrider
Fired-up pregnant woman melts fat. Truthers demand investigation.

By Jim Treacher
"C'mon Jim , boiling OIL man !"

Too quick.
By RickyBobby
The barnacles on Rosie make me think she's got gills too.

Perhaps tapioca? Naw, she'd just eat her way out.....
By JenJen
Cat fight! I love it.

I`m not a huge Rosie fan, but Elizabeth`s voice-like chalk to a blackboard! I`d love for Rosie to put her muscular hydrostats around Elizabeth`s vocal chords and save me from listening to that irritating annoying whine.

By PhillySteve
Anti-French gang bang? What show could she be talking aboot?

By dustrider
You know, once her ABC contract ends, Rosie as a guest panelist on "Red Eye" would be intriguing, especially as Andrew assumes Elizabeth Hasslebeck role during the Halftime Report (which would take up the remaining 30 minutes of the show and stretch well into the 3 a.m. replay of "Special Report with Brit Hume").
By ZeldaC
I can't take credit for the sentiment, but I can agree wholeheartedly: I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Rosie's strap-on tonight. Elizabeth finally had that farm-animal on the ropes begging for a commercial break.
By VilisConsilium
Ooooh, Rosie on Red Eye. I like it. Is the gang up to this challenge? Is there enough space on the set?
By tootsie
The show's budget couldn't handle the catering bill.

Re: 'Rosie O.', MoxArgon suggests:



And lots of it.

That will make the View watchable.>>

That firmament will Melt Steel.

By Texas Bob
The ballast required to hold Rosie down would unfortunately be of such size and weight it would displace most, if not all of the water. Which now makes me wonder if the recent radical variance in tide levels coincides with her visits to the beach? Glowball worming my ass!
By lizard boy
Most illuminating in this little exchange is Rosie (and a lib habit in general) not addressing the substance of Elisibeth's argument, but putting on the victim's cloak to deflect criticism.

Her feelings are hurt

Rosie mustn't be challenged

Mean Elisibeth

By Steve L.
Once Rosie is off "The View," Gutfeld needs to publicly invite her onto "Red Eye" and keep doing it every night until she answers. In fact, every time he is on television for any reason, he should bring it up. Then, if she has enough guts to come on, he should give her a wedgie and walk off the stage.
By DarkUrthe
If Rosie come onto Red Eye, it would have to be shot in HD... and a leave woudl have to be put into one of the tables...
By DarkUrthe
Elizabeth definitely showed Rosie her pimp hand...

Really Elizabeth shoudl go onto Red Eye, mmm mmm
By Capitalchick
Obviously Sartre was wrong...Hell is THE VIEW.

Must go dig mass grave for my brain cells...
By Plastik
Rosie was screaming till she was red in the FAT! If I were Liz I'd be extremely careful.. Rosie may catch her alone and defensless and if the Hobgoblin has a can of readi-whip and a spork Liz is the next face you'll see on the back of the NesQuick carton.

By Beach Dude
Nobody who watches or appears on that show ought to be allowed to vote.
By Capitalchick
Beach Dude, that's generous. I was thinking they should all be sterilized using the most painful methods available.
By DarkUrthe
Aw be nice... if it weren't for The View haouse frau's would be getting into all sorts of trouble.
By Texas Bob
Rosie can make me puke simply by uttering two tiny words (I'm actually getting quesy just typing this): EAT ME!

Uh, oh. Here comes that schnitzel....

By Longshanks
You are a stronger man than I...

I puke just looking at her...
By Lori_Z
Aw be nice... if it weren't for The View haouse frau's would be getting into all sorts of trouble.

Crap! Wish someone had told me sooner. That explains why I'm always getting into trouble.


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