12:15pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the NY Observer


By Texas Bob
Yeah, it must suck being so successful and rich. Stop fucking whining. Nobody is shooting at you (at least not yet), you go home to your wife every night, you're making tons of money (I suppose), and you're not sleeping in some fucking dirty ass tent with 11 other stinking guys!!!......

By Texas Bob

Oh, sorry.

I'm projecting again.

Great article, very insightful, candid and revealing. Loved it.

I'll just be over in the corner. Rocking in the fetal position.

By R.E.O. Speedwagon
Its only a matter of time before we find Greg choked to death on his own vomit wearing nothing but a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head and five pounds of meth in his system.
By natesnake
Greg's got tits?

Can I touch them? I promise I won't be weird.
By ConservativeGirl
That was nice, mostly.

Greg is a real person ... who knew??
By dustrider
Greg can let Rachel borrow his breasts.

(Marsden's real problem in terms of the show isn't her politics, despite what the Observer may think, it's her periodic droughts of funny. But she apparently did get a shout out from Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday for something she wrote).
By Borchy
Greg should host a post-show fan meeting at a bar where he signs 8x11's and leaves voicemail messages for my friends.
By Levy
tex - for $10 greg will rock with you!

natesnake - for $10 u can do more than touch them!

borchy - for $10 u can get more than a signed 8x10!

r.e.o. - for $10 u can film it!

conservative girl - for $10 you can know more!

and a bonus $10 for anyone who spots my name anywhere in the article!

By salvator m
rather than have his autograph, i'd rather get his tit print in a jar of peanut butter...it's an old favorite from my fraternity initiation days...anyone can get an autograph, it's so impersonal...but a tit print is special.
By Jim Treacher
"and a bonus $10 for anyone who spots my name anywhere in the article!"

Uh-oh! Sounds like somebody's in for some extra-rough ombudsifying tonite...
By Shannan
Everyone takes the ombudsman for granted. It is a thankless and unmentionable job.

Myself? I would feel incomplete... unable to rest blissfully without my 11:33-11:36/ 11:58-11:59 Levyfix.
By Plastik
If Greg has the Tits then does Levy have the Coochie popper or the honkytonk ba-donk-y-donk?

I suppose he will get all mocho and refer to his manhood like the Freedom Tower Pile Driver... But it just can't be.. He's always bitching!

By jd nyc
Andy –

Maybe they hold you in such high esteem that they didn`t want to imply your place on "the giddy roster of New York–area media stars & camera-craving bloggers, who are probably unknown & unattractive to the vast majority of Fox viewers"

They didn`t mention Jim, either, but the "next-generation New York media elite" reference was surely a sly wink to the 2 of you!

it could happen

By ilikevanilla
Bill is muppet like? What kind of a description is that? And is Greg endorsing him as the funniest man he's ever met supposed to make up for that? He's one of my favorites.
By PhillySteve
Honestly, Andrew, would you want to be in an article described as either "Muppet-like" or "coltish"? (Great job on the show, by the way. You ROCK!)
By wankette
Andy, does it count that I wrote your name in lipstick on my computer screen across that paragraph in the article?

Nice piece. I think all conservatives of a certain age can relate to the day, probably in college, when they read something like that American Spectator article and thought, "Holy crap!! I didn't know anyone else felt that way!"...and knew somehow they were "home".
By R.E.O. Speedwagon
The only muppets Bill resembles are Ernie and Bert, if you get my meaning.
By DarkUrthe
Sounds like someone is an exile in ombudsville...
By DarkUrthe
REO, when did Bert and Ernie stop taking baths together on Sesame Street?
By natesnake
"and a bonus $10 for anyone who spots my name anywhere in the article!"

Sounds like someone needs a hug? Come here little fella....Why are backing up?....Come here, I won't be wierd....Stop running away!
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
I also went to Cal and was a non-fraternity type that joined the illustrius Alpha Beta chapter and can now take pride in the fact that I can blame my delinquency on Greg and his escapades. I hope he'll be proud that his traditions have survived the ages; some of the highlights of my times there included:

Doing a naked chinese firedrill on the 580 on the way to a USC football game...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
Seeing a brother pee into a hedge...under which a drunken menage-a-trois of "homeless" teenagers from the valley were cuddled...

Seeing a wasted girl squat on an ottoman in front of a brother's closet and spray a torrent all over his shoes and clothes and then pass out on the floor...


And the city finally surrendered: benches in front of Sig House, 2; benches at bus stop,...
By Big Lord Fauntleroy

(I like how it cut of "0" to replace it with the much more efficient "...")

P.S. Drunken, rapping, bus-stop-bench-stealing Gutfeld is my favorite Gutfeld yet. FYI, the bus stop is literally 5 skips from the front door...even Bill could consider it as being within a stone's throw...the real question is whether or not Greg led the charge while streaking???
By StormyS70
This article was fun, but they should have talked more about Bill and Andy. Those two make the show.

And Kevin. In tight shirts. Looking all Limey.
By Shannan
Big Lord F - I thought the ottoman was a toilet with a cushy seat.

It happens.
By VilisConsilium
TheGut, Schulz & Levy are cool. If, as the article implies, that Rachel Marsden`s job is to push a conservative bent, then this could limit the show due to her delivery. Once in a while she`s funny, but she often makes jokes by trying to force issues that are separate from the topic at hand. It doesn`t work, and it actually makes the conservative opinion look asinine. Rachel should drink more...
By Mckenzie
This was a great article but it failed to address a greater story, the reason behind the demise of the Shhhh.. Hume-an slights watch. Could it be that Red Eye fans deluged Mr. Hume with too many emails or did Andy get his raise?
By jd nyc
maybe the Fun Facts well ran dry

(yeah: "maybe"...)

if so, I'm sure they can get a lot of material out of the other panel members - I suspect Mort Kondracke's a closet FREAK

By Texas Bob
Yes Levy, we all noticed the omission of your name in the article. I, for one, didn't mention it because I thought perhaps you'd been fired and I didn't know about it. I don't like to rub salt in wounds. So, congratulations for only being spat upon, and not fired!
By tootsie
VilisConsilium sez>>"Once in a while she`s(Rachel)funny, but she often makes jokes by trying to force issues that are separate from the topic at hand. It doesn`t work... Rachel should drink more..."

It wouldn't help. Rachel's Canadian. They're known for their obtuse sense of humor, i.e., What?!? or groan. Rachel does act as a foil for bill, andy, and bill, though, so that's funny.
By tootsie
Note to Levy: i noticed tonight you didn't correct Greg on his correcting Rachel on the pronunciation of Iraq. They're both wrong

It's not "Eye-rack" or "Eye-rawk." CNN Foreign Correspondent, Christine Amanpour, who is Iranian, says Iraq is 'EE-rak,' or when pronouncing her native country, 'EE-ran.' Whenever she hears "EYE-ran, it's a 'buggaboo.'"

They probably say 'Eye-talia...
By tootsie
'Eye-talian' food, cars, mafia

By Texas Bob
I wonder how those kraut bar-varians pronounce Iraq?
By Nilbog

Lebensraum ( LAY-bens-rowm) is the old pronunciation, I believe.
By DarkUrthe
A brilliant throwing of Jon Stewart under the bus. That sums up what The Daily Show has devolved into.
By VilisConsilium
Hey, Tootsie, maybe Rachel should say "Heh?" more. And I think that "Eye-talia" is actually the Italian airline. ;-)
By DarkUrthe
No, eye-talia is a Scotsman telling Talia Shire that she is right.
By Allen Smithee
coincidentally, EYE-talia was how Talia Shire had to re-introduce herself to Stallone each time they met on-set...in the begining

in recent years she's had to alternately point to him and then herself while repeating "You Sly, Me Talia"

over and over and over....

By Shannan
I THINK I see Greg's boob in that picture associated with this rant. His shirt is gapped between the buttons... or he has gone Saturday Night Fever. Seems he has gone commando. Risky. OK in the short term, but sooner or later gravity will take its toll. OK godda go watch the show. Its almost 11.
By tootsie
My little monkeys, EYE-talia it's Ee-rak! Not EYE-rak.

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