12:16pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By jd nyc
another illustration of natural selction/survival of the fittest:

alcohol may kill brain cells but,like lions thinning a herd of gazelles, the weaker ones will go first - the rest have to work harder and they become stronger because of it

I just wish I could remember where I heard that....
By Plastik
Lions drink liquor and that results in the killing of gazelles?

Who woulda thunk it.. Poor Gazelles...Rotten Lions..

someone call peta

By jd nyc
yup, Cowardly Lions always need 'a shot of courage' before the hunt

and call PETA? to do what- throw red paint on them because they're wearing fur?
By Mckenzie
I quit drinking when I forgot where I put my bottle.
By Shannan
Drinking benefits:

Alzheimers, stress, heart protection, circulation, type II diabetes, gallstones, raises HDL cholesterol.

Say 1 drink per condition per day.

That's 7 drinks. Can do. For my health.... etc. Plus it gets tense anal retentives in a tither. Hoo Ray!!
By sawbuck
I can haz zchnaapz??
By Frank J.
I once double posted while drunk.

Actually, it was the only time I got drunk since I had a blog.
By dustrider
Drinking and looking at your web browser also appears to cause double vision, though it seems to be the rare horrizontal kind instead of the normal vertical one.

By Texas Bob
Its also been proven that vigorous sex, conducted 3 times daily, while combined with alcohol consumption also reduces your risk of cancer and heart disease.

All we need now is proof that a pack of Marlboros and an extra large pepperoni pizza a day reduces your chances of melanoma by 65% and we claim victory!

By Right...
I think this must be true because I remember going to the drive in with my dad but coming home in my mom and they were both drinking.
By Right...
jd nyc, you heard that on Cheers. Cliffy said it.
By DarkUrthe
Drinking... or as I call it: time travel.

(thanks Dave Attell)
By DarkUrthe
I don't drink to forget, I drink to stop caring.
By jd nyc
Thanks, Right - it was really annoying me!

I'm not exactly sure what happened to the brain cell in which that was stored but I have a feeling there was a bottle of 1800 involved

at the very least

By JasonSt
Oh, you know what? I just noticed that there is a bottle of Tito's Vodka in that picture. I have a bottle right here. Here's the propaganda right of the bottle: "Tito's handcrafted Texas vodka...blah blah blah...distillation process..blah blah...(okay, here's the good part) Only the heart of the run, "the nectar" is taken...cleansed of phenols, esters, congeners and organic acids by filteri...
By JasonSt
ng through activated carbons." How about that? Blend it with an Otter Pop; tastes like shit, but it is good. And it was only $14 for 750ml. How about that? Texas' first and only distillery, too. Howwww aboooout thaaaaat? Are you fucking deaf, Canada? Whatever.
By sarahk
I remember that night Frank J. got drunk. We were at a blogger party, and he told all of these semi-strangers that he couldn't wait to propose to me. There were a lot of wide-eyed stares. Not from me, though. I just started pulling up jeweler websites to show him what kind of ring I wanted. Show him when he's drunk, he'll remember when he's sober. And he did.
By sarahk
Because, you know, when you have a bunch of bloggers at a party, there are lots of laptops and wi-fi. So I could do that.
By Shannan
Bloggers have parties?

Someone had to get wasted to propose to you?

The first thing you did after being proposed to was check out the jewelry?

Hmmm... d7546c
By sarahk
Shannan, you read good. I bet you also have a lot of friends, right?
By PowWow
Not just for breakfast anymore

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