12:18pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By dustrider
However, this information will be helpful the next time Bill Clinton flies from New York to California for a Hollywood fundraiser.

By MoxArgon
Clinton's got an implanted viagra pump that's running 24/7.
By VilisConsilium
Does this mean that if you're going from London to New York you have to chemically castrate yourself to stay awake?
By JenJen
I have the solution. Just install airlines with Amtrak Acela type of seating. Flip the seats and face the rear of the plane for the return flight.
By Mckenzie
I hate drugs that keep me up all day.
By Shannan
They are wide awake from having their faces slapped. Nobody wants to be crammed into a row of seating with a man with a boney screaming "It's not you, I took a Viagra!".
By sawbuck
When you're down on your luck/

and you ain't got a buck/

in London, you're a goner.

Just pop a blue pill/

and wait for the thrill/

of three hour boner....

(my apologies to whoever wrote "London Homesick Blues")
By Texas Bob
sawbuck: Ray Wiley Hubbard

Since I have a boner more or less 24/7, I don't think this is the right solution for me. If the airlines would simply provide complimentary sex on trans-Atlantic flights, this Viagra trick might be easier to sell. It would also be the 1st time an entire 767 full of passengers exit Heathrow smiling.

By sawbuck
Thanks, TB. I knew I could count on a fellow honky-tonker to help me out.
By drdilostues
Wait a minute-- '...research on hamsters has suggested'? I think y'all are glossing over that detail. That is, there exist folks who are presumably paid to feed viagra to hamsters and observe their state of arousal. As a job.

Can someone find out if they are hiring?
By DarkUrthe
or you will be beating off to fight jet lag...

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