12:20pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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Fresh from the AP


By VilisConsilium
The survey forgot to ask how many believe that it's justifiable to impose Islamic law over a nation's current government, customs and culture.
By dustrider
I'd feel a little better if I was sure the one-in-four Muslim youths followed up their words with action along the same lines of those waves of Daily Kos and MoveOn.org folks flooded the polls to elect Howard Dean president in 2004. But I doubt many of them have decent sized trust funds.

By mcaffrey
In all honesty, I would guess that if this poll asked the DailyKos core membership the same question, that crowd would respond with higher numbers supporting suicide bombing than the muslim crowd. There are a surprising number of "progressives" who outwardly support suicide bombings against Israel. The muslims are probably a more moderate group than the KosKidz.
By jd nyc
I'm shocked that the AP actually used the word terrorist! Don't they understand the distinction between terrorists and jihadists?? didn't catch that clip from yesterday's View, in which Barbara Walters explained that there are also non-Muslim jihadists (I think..can't be too sure because I thought my head was going to explode at the time)

I also heard that she was a journalist once
By Texas Bob
That's 364,000 of the estimated 2.8 million muslims in America who think blowing themselves up and any unfortunate soul within their blast radius is okey-dokey. That's enough to have multiple slodey dopes in every single city (with a population of 10,000 or more) across the entire country. Isn't that nice?

Ah, the religion of peace.

By Jim Treacher
Little-known fact: I coined the term "splodeydopes." Why I should brag about such a thing, I have no idea.
By Texas Bob
Congratulations Jim. Your stock is going up-up-up brother!
By conehead
Splodeydopes? Good one. We used to refer to them as "not so smart bombs". Splodeydopes has a better ring to it.

And I'm all in favor of islamofascists being suicide bombers. As long as they don't involve anyone else. If they were in the middle of, say, Wyoming, we could even have judges hold up numbers after they blew themselves up. A sort of special olympics for islamics.
By Jim Treacher
I also coined "Instalanche." I receive no royalties on the public use of either term.
By DarkUrthe
Statistics are like a bikini... and thos enumbers are like an untrimmed pubic area. Ugly, but you still have to look.
By airborne
Thanks for the visual.
By DarkUrthe
airborne, hairy girls need oogling too...

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