6:17am on Tuesday the 19th of November
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By Jim Treacher
I never thought I would disbelieve a rumor about Mick Jagger sticking his penis in something, but this is the one.
By MoxArgon
All can say is:


Which is probably what Mick said too.
By Shannan
I think it was Janice Dickinson who said he has a puny penis. Anyhoo, given that there is a bee shortage I can only rail against the killing and torture of these bee victims. There are better fruits to labor over. Why should 1000's of bees die in order for Mick to go from a pencil to a thumb. Short is still SHORT! BZZZ
By Shannan
Maybe his Vienna Sausageness is why he can't get no satisfaction or girl reaction. Hmmmm.

I like this subject.
By Shannan
Now I am wondering who's little red rooster is on the cover of Sticky Fingers.

OK I will shut up now.
By Nilbog
I call bullshit. This sounds like the manhood ritual of a "glove" woven with trapped bullet ants that a boy sticks his hand in to become a man.

Plus, Jagger was only in Amazonia for a little while as he dropped out of the film when Jason Robards got sick. both were re-cast by the director, Werner Herzog.
By Shannan
Well, one more thing. There is a news story today about the Bestiality film "Zoo": www.news24.com/News24/Entertainment/Abroad/0,,2-1225-1243_2116755,00.html

The star is quoted as saying it was his "15 inches of fame".

This is a Greg seque or transition or whatever he calls it.

OK THIS is it... for now.
By Nilbog
Les Blank's documentary "The Burden of Dreams" about the fiasco that was the making of "Fitzcaraldo" documents all sorts of madness - there's no way the lead singer of the Stones getting his wang stung by bees would have ended up on the cutting room floor or gone unmentioned.

Don't fuck with me when it comes to Werner Herzog trivia...
By Nilbog
And why would the director of the Dexy's Midnight Runners' 'Come on Eileen' video know dick about Jagger's dick?
By VilisConsilium
I take it that if you leave the stingers in and put the honey on, it's for "her pleasure".
By dustrider
Once you're through with the ritual, does calamine lotion make a good lubricant?
By jd nyc
I wonder if this is the real reason why Robert Plant named his band "The Honeydrippers"?

it just doesn't sound as fun as the scenario I always imagined as the reference

By Mckenzie
Ice will usually take the swelling down but if it persists for more than four hours, seek professional help.
By Shannan
I don't think he wanted the swelling to EVER go down.

Vilis - Stingers of the green cock... tail version for her pleasure. Honey and the stinger's effect for his pleasure.

Dustrider - Calamine is not a lubricant. Period. Nor is it a pink squirrel, although they look and taste the same.
By sawbuck
There's a rumor that's been going around every few years, that upon his death, Mick's dick is to be severed, placed in a jar of formaldehyde, and displayed at the British Museum.

His balls are slated for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

(okay, I added the last part)
By rickster
Greg, what's the honey for? Bees don't eat it...they make it. Using the honey will just attract a bunch of bears to rip off your pic-a-nic basket...
By Texas Bob
Soooo, how many bee stings are we talking about here to achieve the desired effect?

Hey, I'm just askin!
By OFUMedia
Maybe this is why all the bees are coming up missing...
By DarkUrthe
Keith Richards is only upset because Mick beat him to it...
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