12:22pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October
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By bluefox
We would love to book you, Greg! And not in an Estrada kind of way.

And by we, I mean myself and my "buddy" Fred who hangs out in the alleyway. We like to drink together after work.

Is this a formal affair?
By MoxArgon
Edwards lives with the poor everyday.

Why his maids and butlers have to raid his garbage for food every night, and after the brouhaha over his $400 haircut, he's been forced to use a slave hairdresser from Indonesia. And sometimes they are allowed to speak, so he can know what it's like to live in the 'other America.'

How do you feel about speaking at prisons for women?

By salvator m
when did you stop conducting your seminar on donkey punching?
By calgrammy
Will your 'artwork" suffer if you do speaking engagments? I thought the Unicorn and FluffyMcNutter in burka's was your best work.
By dustrider
John Edwards as a silky unicorn princess with flowing $400 mane would make a lovely drawing.
By Shannan
Cal - Would a Burka have a hole for Unicorn's giant phallus of a horn?

Edwards is the whited seplucher of the everyman. Hate that jackass.
By Shannan
also known as sepulcher to people who can spell. LOL
By sawbuck
Well, the po' folk sho' do luv them sum John Edwards. What wid all dem union dues confiscated, er, I mean CONTRIBUTED from de gubmint employees.
By wankette
This whole story reads like something on the bottom fold of The Onion.
By DarkUrthe
John Edwards requests no ambulances run near his speeches, lest he run off a podium and start chasing them.
By Big Lord Fauntleroy
The people at Davis are just like the socialist femi-nazis at Berkeley, except they like to ride bicycles everywhere.

Next, Edwards will take the lead from the Berkeley Mayor and spend the night "camping out" with the homeless folk. I'm sure Democrats everywhere would love it...it would make him much more qualified to ruin the country.
By Shannan
But I hear he passes out a fine devil's food cake to the huddled masses.

He always gives a stern frown when, at a soire, someone uses a vagrant as a butt of a joke.

He may use 20 times the energy er day that a normal family might use in a year, but he buys carbon credits, only flushes when it is brown and makes sure that the mexicans picking his veggies all have his card.

What more can h...
By jd nyc
re: Topics of expertise

hey, Greg, would you happen to know anything about dolphins?

(other than their 'rapists-of-the-sea' status...)
By tootsie
jd nyc

just watched Nat'l Geographic show on dolphins (development gestation in womb, actually) It said dophins were the only animal besides man that practise sex for other than procreation. They do it for bonding purposes. Maybe that means they could be rapists if one doesnt want to (bo...

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